Capitalism is without equal in motivatig, rewarding and requiring self-responsibility. The lack of self-responsibility means the lack of capitalism. When people ignore personal responsibility then society lacks good capitalism.

Capitalism often gets a bad name because some people call themselves capitalists when they are not. Stocks, bonds and currency do not make one a capitalist any more than a gun makes its owner a protector. The misuse of guns or paper makes one a murderer or decapitalist. While murderers kill a few, decapitalists destroy many. Decapitalism is economic despotism ... capitalism for a fewer few.

Stocks, bonds and currency are merely the symbols of real capital. Our true capital is people working, their heads (caput) engaged in productively solving the problems of life. These symbols are the remnants of the labor substance that creates wealth.

Decapitalism, the misuse of our symbols, decapitates production and employment. It causes inflation, unemployment, crime and violence. Unlike capitalism where symbols spring from substance, decapitalism ill-uses symbols to destroy the substance of wealth creation. The tail wags the dog.

The death of decapitalism requires individuals supporting creation of better symbols of our wealth beginning with the most common symbol, currency. We need a system that unites the substance and symbols of our time in a new currency. The system is a universal time clock payroll system. The currency is the lifehour.*

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