A huge rock can be cracked by repeated blows, especially if well-placed. Our increasingly unbearable mass of taxes, crime, violence and inflation from underemployment will break when politicians repeatedly chant the following question: If technology saves 10% of the time needed to produce goods and services, should we:

1. layoff 10% of the workforce, or, 2. reduce the workweek by 10%.

Since 1930, we have done the first, causing more taxes, crime and inflation. The second improves life by sharing the time-savings of technology.

Which 24-Hour Workweek Do You want?

Because taxes take 16 hours of their 40-hour workweek, people net only 24 hours. High interest costs consume eight more hours. Crime-inflated prices take more time. A real 24-hour workweek will yield more disposable income and time for self, family and community. How do we get to a real 24-hour workweek, and why will it yield more time and money?

1. Let the tax-supported people work for themselves, and, thereby,
2. solve the costly, chronic problems from underemployment.

Most of your 16-hours of taxes go for underemployment problems. Reaching a 24-hour workweek is more than simply trading tax time for leisure time. The essential ingredient? Allow, require and reward others to work for themselves. The biggest area needing self-responsibility is tax programs for the underemployed. Underemployment problems cannot be resolved unless employed persons stop monopolizing the available work.

You Can't Tell Me How Much to Work!

You can't tell me how much to work! Is this your thought? Well, that's what you tell the underemployed when you work over 24 hours weekly. By your denying work to others, you empower them to restrict your work. If you tell someone they can and should fish all the while denying them a fishing hole, you are a hyprocrite with probable violence in your future.

Besides, are you working for yourself? Beyond 24 hours, you foolishly work to pay for unnecessary and higher crime, taxes and inflation. Those who cannot fish must be fed --the fishers do it.


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