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Many people have given up on trying to improve their world. From apathy or greed, they concentrate on helping themselves. For many reasons this approach only delays the cost of not solving our problems--ignorance is bliss only until the ignored problems become overwhelming. Many have learned that the personal sacrifices to effect real change are very great because of our political institutions obstruct the concerned citizen from meaningful input. Modern telecommunications provides the means whereby the concerned citizens can organize and reward themselves–The in Internet and Lifehours.

This section describes how we can use computers not only to work from home but to govern from home. The benefits of better democracy and capitalism--fewer problems--require one thing, namely, that we organize and reward ourselves using principles of better democracy. The following chapters describe the tools that I have developed and how they can be used.

* With Colfilperhone, we can work and govern from home. We can hold a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution to promote better democracy and capitalism as well as end the despotism of habitual politicians.

* With Colfilperhone, we can have peer democracy and citizen legislation in which we, the people, control the destiny of our country without leaving our homes.

* With Colfilperhone, we can rescue many institutions.

* With Colfilperhone, your contributions in time, knowledge and dollars will be quantified for future tax benefits as Lifehour Credits. Account Codes are provided by which one can qualify and quantify contributions.

You can download files and programs from the Internet.


Your contributions to better democracy and capitalism will be treated, if you want, as future tax credits when democratic capitalism controls Congress and the White House. Offering tax relief for votes and effort is nothing new. Habitual politicians have been forever selling economic privileges through the tax system to the loudest voice and fattest bribe. Lifehour credits are, in essence, barter dollars for better government. If you help create better government, you deserve credit.

A lifehour tax credit is different than political pork. Your accumulated tax relief through lifehours will reflect your organizing a better public problem-solving process--better democracy. You will be laying the foundation for a better country and economy, each effort is quantified in lifehours. A diary is available for recording your contributions. Or, you can download communication software by which to directly record your contributions.

In essence, you are a founding member of a national universal service agency in which each citizen gives time on an annual basis to solve our common public problems. Those who have faith in this system before it becomes the law of the land should be rewarded with tax credits against regular currency taxation. This is why your lifehours can be recorded. With lifehours, clearly, we unite the symbols of our ultimate wealth, our time and life, with the substance.

If you accumulate 1000 lifehours, you receive a 50 lifehour tax credit each year on your dollar taxes. If the American lifehour is worth $10 then this will be an annual $500 tax credit. If in twenty years, inflation has made a lifehour worth $50 then the fifty lifehour tax credit will be worth $2500. As a financial tool, the lifehour resists inflation, for it is nothing more or less than an hour of human life.

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