`Earn Lifehours and Make A Difference

Primary Moral Imperative: Save life on earth from global warming

Roadmap Summary: Refinance, Share Job Time or Jobless Crime and Community Healthcare

With a timism account, there are ways that you can earn lifehour credits from improving, ground-up from the grassroots, our politics and economics. Each of the following options contain lifehour rewards to improve the quality of the your hours of life by uniting the symbols of our time with the substance of our time. With brainbees we will improve our democracy to tap the intelligence of we, the people, who live with and know the problems' sources and solutions.

This list of Things-To-Do is self-pacing. Some actions are one-time options like homesteading a political office while others can be repeated, protests and boycotts for which you receive lifehours credits for your time and costs.

If you are not full-time employed, you should do this full-time. The lifehour credits you earn today will not only be of value tomorrow but will be a gate-keeper. This is an opportunity to hav a full-time job working for yourself, your future, and our planet.

When Timism succeeds in having a majority in Congress, lifehour credits will good for tax credits in proportion to Timism policies reducing the national debt by solving time and money wasting habitual problems.

Note: Many of these are programmed and will be launched as Timism internet servers increase. (Update listing)

Email On Signup day

  1. Trade Lifehour Credits Barter System: This is how you will trade your lifehour credits.
  2. Refinance 13: This is how you will record your debts for a jumbo loan with profit-sharing payback.
  3. Account Information, Complete (1 lifehour for 10 minutes work).
  4. Signup Others: Friends, Co-workers, Neighbors, Relatives, & Employees (5 lifehours per signup) ... Friends receive this email.
  5. Homestead A Political Office (Need to have signed up ten friends--easy to do with free signup code) ... double or triple bonus based on petitions and ballot.
  6. Two-fers: Lender/Donors/Angels Needed
  7. Constitutional Amendment
  8. Bumpersticker Order one or more. Payment converted into lifehour credits.
  9. Media Tag:
    1. Newspaper, Jobtime, Reclaim Job Hiring Revenue
    2. Contact Radio and TV Station,Encourage Coverage
    3. TV/Radio Ads,Increase Revenues with Timism Ads
  10. House and home
    1. Solar Shades Cheap Home Heaters
    2. CaveGardens Grow More in Less Space
    3. SeedBees Help reverse inflation
  11. Boycotts Better than Protests or Riots: History