Details of Super Brainbee

Super Brainbee Form ... Examples

The Super Brainbee has several columns or fields that lets the user quickly target his communication to the optimal level to right or prevent a wrong by sharing problem-solving information in the form of an issue or an individual--see Level Rights. The columns are as follow.

  1. Items (Issues/Individuals) cover most human actions as well as collection of some economic information to establish optimal levels.
  2. National: Unless one is selecting a global action involving the UN, one selects one's nation. If the action is only national then there is no need to select subnational or muni. The national code is based on the ICANN coding two-letter system.
  3. States/Subnational: If one's action is subnational (state, province, region, etc.--see list of different names), one enters a two-letter designation from the provided list of nations from which one find one's subnational unit.
  4. Districts/Divisions #: If one's action is in a national, state, or local district, one enters the number here. It is important to note that if one is selecting a national or state district, one does not enter a postal code into the muni space.
    1. Federal Districts:
    2. State Districts:
    3. Municipality--Use Postal Code: If one's action is at the local level (municipality, city, or county), one enters the postal code of the administrative building. If it is a legislative function, then one adds a hyphen with the district or ward number, e.g., 23219-5 is this writer's city council district. If the office is non-existent currently, e.g., Orphanages, use the postal code of the top CEO (mayor, chairman, etc.).
  5. Submission: 400 character summary that can include webpage address. Any web links must be in simple text without html coding.
  6. Identity: Idendify yourself has several options.
    1. If it is an action requiring a designation of pro/con, this is where one would check the option.
    2. Email address (self-explanatory)
    3. Password (self-explanatory)
  7. Fee: If a fee is required (ISP purchase) or report income or tax. If Fee is in currency, enter without any punctuation unless decimal point. If time, enter using colon to separate hours and minutes, e.g., 3:25 is three hours and 25 minutes.

Superimposed on the columns is the Focus Options. The permanent options are

  1. Inform: Brainbees for daily communication to elected officials.
  2. Primaries: Elections for offices (Executive or Legislative)
  3. Report: Cash or Time to Executive offices.

Initially, the foci include Homesteading (apply/revu) and Seedbees to encourage supporters to participation in these two activities.

The coding for Super Brainbees interfaces with VoteTime, a simple, inexpensive voting system that can 90% of the time and cost of current voting systems. One can click on the Ballot item to see an example of a universal ballot for quick voting without long waiting lines.

Representative Government:

Recording, Lifehour adjusment: Please note that values are automatically credited to one's municipal locus basis for determining elementary economics.

  1. Cash: Simple conversion into lifehours.
  2. Time: Based on level of work (subject to change with system development).
    1. Muni
    2. State
    3. Regional
    4. National
    5. Global

Vets Only: Certain brainbee opportunities are limited to military veterans if they are politically neutral in their public appearances: Vestal Votetime, Re-Districting, and Chocolate-Vanilla Tree Service--see Veterans Only.

Office Gender: Each elected office has a male and female office-holder with alternating seniorship and term-limits--see Women 50/50.

Groupings: Currency Reporting ... Lifehour Recording ... Issue Prioritization ... CEO Decision-makers ... Legislators ... Housekeeping

Reporting  (Goto Super Brainbee Form)
$ Day Labor Report any income or payout as a day or casual labor: All must pay the cost of the economic umbrella of stability and security.
$ Debt Listing Refinancing outstanding loans as part of Roadmap for Primary Moral Imperative. Enter Cash debt and Debtholder
$ Tax Reporting Report value and tax for profit-sharing taxation.
$ Time Tax Time you invested to solve our shared, common problems for a better future--see time tax.

Lifehour Recording (Goto Super Brainbee Form)  ... Trading Lifehours
# 24in4: Record your workweek How many hours did you work. Goal is establish the optimal workweek length for full employment: Either we share job time or we share jobless crime--see 24 in 4.
# Healthcare, Community Service Record the hours that you worked for the healthcare level you chose.
# Time Tax, Community Lifehour Record the hours you worked to fulfill your annual time tax in making your community and nation a better, safer, saner world. Tax began January 1, 2014--see Time Tax. of a list of approved voluteer activities, see SIC lifehour activities .

Issues Prioritizing (Goto Super Brainbee Form)
Bogus Ads As a result of the Republican Congress in the late 1980's repealing the "Truth in Advertising" law, corporations, advertisers and marketeers have engaged in spins, falsehoods and lies. Weekly brainbees to share with the public the bogus ads. Illegal sales pitches brainbee.
Boycotts Monthly Goods, Services or Businesses to Boycott (global, national, state and local)
Boycott Iowa Iowa's presidential caucuses constitute a subversion of national democracy by allowing an unrepresentative slice of America determining the political future of America. Thus, when Iowa suffers enough 24/7/365 for this one-day of injustice damaging and damning America's future then Iowa will stop its de facto violation of the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth--see Boycott Iowa. Please submit boycott ideas beyond those listed.
Citizen Legislation Monthly law proposals to President, Governor, or Mayor. Different from daily communication brainbee focus.
Class Action Monthly brainbee to educate and organize to stop a counter-productive goods or services
Commission Monthly brainbee to initiate seven commission to collect the pros and cons on an issue. Also see New Commissions.
Communication, Focus Daily brainbee to CEOs of information. Different than monthly law proposals of Citizen Legislation.
Community Services Monthly brainbee to add community services to receive lifehour credit--no religious organization based on separation of church and state. Basis, in part, for covering healthcare costs.
De-Time Products Monthly brainbee of goods or services that should banned, e.g., plastic bags
Fraud Finders Monthly brainbee of individuals or companies engaged in fraud. If individual, one months finders fee. If corporation, 10% of fraud.
Mediacs Media Maniacs and Idiots: Instead of educating and entertaining us to live, mass communication is dumbing and distracting us.
Ostracism Persons required to move 400 miles for ten years, monthly brainbee--see Ostracism.
Pardons Persons pardoned of crimes committed, submitted to President--see Pardons.
Re-Time TimeTax [Uploaded 071101]Monthly brainbee to provide a service cheaper in CO2 costs, the ultimate currency.

CEO: Decision-Makers (Goto Super Brainbee Form) ... Zero Cost Primaries
President/Governor/Mayor Top CEO in each level: National, State, Localities
Agriculture Basically the same as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
Ambassador Click the nation you want to be an ambassador to in the Nation column. You will be the interface between the timists in your nation and the nation of your choosing. Please have an interest and knowledge of the nation you are selecting.
Asset Managment*MH As the existential meltdown accelerates, like the impact of the black death in the 1400's, growing amounts of heirless assets will need management. (see Re-Timing Needed Goods and Services)
Attorney General, State, Local, County, Commonwealth
Cavegardens CEO's to manage the highly productive form of home gardening to increase food availability, reduce inflation and improve mental/emotional well-being--see Cavegardens.
Clerk Person who performs day-to-day management of an office affairs at national, state, local or board/commission level.
Commerce Effectively the same as the U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Disaster*MH The current disaster model will not survive the increase in quality and quantity of disasters. Only better self-government and organization of people will work which is one reason for the time tax of community service. Funding for big disaster response is wasted money because big disasters disrupt and destroy the first-responders focus from community-service to self-survival. Better to spend the money by implementing "The best government is the least government which comes from better self-government." In other words, require individual responsibility in disaster response rather than the attitude fostered by habitual politicians, to wit, "God saved me. I'm a miracle. Now, clean up God's mess for me at taxpayers' expense. Oh, I want a larger plasma TV so I can see next weeks football game. I cannot miss my gameshows or soaps." If we are to survive by adhering to the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on earth, we need to require self-responsibility by imposing an igknowance tax on those who igknow preparing for disasters. In other words, "Fuck the TV. Use the money to get some food and water stored in your house. Dig a tornado shelter. Tie down you trailor. Plant a garden."  FEMA should be closed down because it gives people a false sense of security. As a disaster response process, it is a gas-guzzler compared to requiring self-responsibility, e.g., no stored food or water then no electricity for a month. A taste of disaster will prompt people to prepare for disaster which will reduce looting for food that leads to looting everything. Habitual politicians cannot get re-elected if they require self-responsibility so they offer more deficit-spending to buy votes, an economic disaster that will prevent responding to all other disasters. (Disasters index)
Education Same as Secretary of Education or School Board chair/member
Healthcare Healthcare service
History Creating and managing youth teams to maintain historical sites as three-month interns with on-line education--see Historical Preservation.
Housing Manage and conserve housing needs
Interior Manage and conserve natural resources
ISP Manage internet resources at each level: National, State, Highschool, Elementary
Judge Use brainbees to elect
Labor Secretary of labor
Orphanage*MH With more disasters, orphans are inevitiable. The current system of foster parenting is not working. A better system is needed.
Parks Parks and Recreation
Safety Public Safety: Police, Sheriff, Defense
State Manager of foreign affairs
Treasury Manager of public funds
Water Manager of Water resources

Legislators (Goto Super Brainbee Form)
The U.S. Congress needs to be broken into eight(8) colleges with members using the internet to remain at their home for legislative review and voting. As such, this will be part-time job while members keep their regular job because they won't have to review all legislation, run for re-election (one-term limit) and meet with lobbyists. Constituents will be across the street or across the city/county, not across the country outside the 495-bubble (see Congressional Colleges).
Legislator, Federal Senate or House depending on district being selected. No district number then Senate, otherwise house district for state
Legislator, State Upper Senates
Legislator, State Lower General Assemblies
Legislator, Local/Muni Enter postal code of where legislation is formulated, e.g., council or commission.
Legislator, Commission Regional Commissions, e.g., Water, Port, Sewage, Prison): Use Municipality with Postal Code of headquarters.
PIIGS Convention A convention to implement the 3-step Roadmap on an international scale by organizing the PIIGS(Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) to present a united front against the German Nazification of the Euro. If you owe the bank a $1000, the bank owns you. If you owe the bank enough to make it fail, you own the bank--see PIIGS.

Veterans Only
Chocolate-Vanilla Tree Service A tree service limited to veterans with employment derived from district residents. Goal is multi-facted: Employ vets and promote comraderies of work together, live together after fighting as brothers and sisters.
Re-Districting Veterans only--They have the biggest stake and biggest right. Economic benefits rather than re-election benefits. Terra ... Regions ... States (Fed, State Upper and State Lower).
Vestal VoteTime Managers De-politicizing vote management by creating a system managed by apolitical veterans (Vestal Veterans) using Votetime to cut costs in time and money. If we were to have a head of state to dissolve Congress as the English Monarch would dissolve Parliment, it would be a vote by the military on a regular quarterly basis to approve/disapprove of Congress as a whole. Disapproval would be disbanding with no re-election opportunity. If given the choice of a military veto of habitual politicians' malfesance or a military coup with dictatorship, the former is preferable though the latter is where the habitual politicians are sending us. See Military Veto
Veteran Affairs: Decimate VA Staff: 10% firing ... Replace: Patient Representatives ... Union ... Lies of new Director

Housekeeping (Goto Super Brainbee Form)
New Brainbee Monthly brainbee to find new brainbees
New Commission Monthly suggestions for new
Test District

Trite truths that brainbees make possible or impossible
  1. The best government is the least government which is possible only if we better self-govern.
  2. When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
  3. In times of worsening habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician or a son of a habitual politician,
  4. Either we share job time or we share jobless crime
  5. Monetarism will destroy the needed means, tools and infrastructure to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change.

While originated by an individual, brainbees are the property of the humanity to be used within the context of
for better democracy and better capitalism. Timism, Inc., is designed to be a public trust with revenues
going into the general funds of the source levels. As such they are copyrighted for humanity.

Woe be unto him who would subvert the Primary Moral Imperative.

VoteTime interface with Super Brainbees
The coding of the Super Brainbee interfaces with a simple, efficient, and cheap voting system based on using old computers and scanners. Thus, humanity can have full democracy rather than half-democracy. As is, the money dictators determine who is on the ballot which gives the voters on election day a choice of tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb, that is, the lesser of two evils. Brainbees fix this problem of despotism instead of democracy determining ballot items of individuals and issues.

Votetime ensures quality and transparency of voting with a vastly lower cost in time and money. Voters can print their ballot at home for quick scanning and receipt generation with on-line checking akin to the shipping checks by FedEx, UPS an USPS. Both brainbees and votetime are examples of the tools of timism to re-time the cost of needed goods and services.

Veterans Only

Guiding Principle: Primary Moral Imperative


  1. 150312 Some people will say the Super Brainbee is too complicated. Compared to the existing political corruption and bureaucracy, the Super Brainbee's consistency makes it easier to use each time. On the other hand, political corruption and bureaucracy never ceases to waste time let alone save time. Of course, those who choose not use the Super Brainbee will not get the benefits.