If you are veteran, the brainbee to signup is in your district deme via the Super Brainbee

Vestal Veterans: Voting Virgins

The proposal for a simple, inexpensive, paper-trailed voting system based on any PC and a scanner needs an oversight body. Inasmuch as voter registrars are politicized a new body is needed. If veterans were good enough to fight for and defend democracy then they are best group to take on the responsibility of ensuring fair and free voting. Toward this goal, each district level has a Vestal Veterans brainbee for electing a steering committee to assist the High School Votetimers in developing and implementing the proposed voting system.

The reason for the subtitle "Voting Virgins" is to emphasize that only veterans who have not been active in politics--worked for a politician or for a candidate--are eligible to be a Vestal Veteran. Vestral refers to the Vestal Virgins of Rome who were entrusted with the integrity of wills and contracts. Rome's Vestal Virgins were required to not only be virgins but above politics. Recruited at a young age before puberty, they could retire to a public life including marriage after a couple of decades. However, if they were found to not be chaste, the penalty was severe, for the spirit of Rome was tied to the purity of the Vestal Virgins. The penalty was to be buried in a sealed chamber with no food or water until dead.

Anyone who thinks humanity would not benefit from apolitical purity in voting registrars is probably one of the people who corrupt elections. Serving as a Vestral Veteran requires one to be, to quote the sentiment of Rome's greatest leader, "Caeser's wife must not only be innocent but above suspicion." The penalties for political activity would be a MD2D for corruption of the primary moral imperative by voting registrars is killing life on earth.

Historically, the involvement of the military in political affairs has always led to the downfall of the government. Again, Rome provides the best example where beginning with the fouth emperor, Claudius, the military increasing chose or declared the next emperor. Unfortunately for Rome, when different legions in different parts of the empire heard of the emperor's death, different legions declared their leading general as the next emperor. Civil war ensued as the different legions battled to make their leader the next emperor. The cost to Rome was decline and fall.

In reason years, one need not look far to easily compile a list of military leaders initiating coups against the existing government. Consistently, it has been easy for the military to overthrow governments than it has been for the military to govern, e.g., Argentina, Chile, etc. For the U.S. military, the decline and fall of the USA can be ascribed, in part, to the cheering and emboding of "decider" in the lead up to the war in Iraq. As we Constitutionally have a separation of church and state,  we would be better off if we had a separation of politics and military. A service person who cheers a politician is playing Russian roulette with their futures not to mention the future of one's country. Again, Rome provides many examples of emperors who continued to make bad decisions because they spent time with the military which cheered them each time a special bonus was paid. More than one emperor found themselves killed by the military when economic policies trumped personal speeches and bribery.

For another view of Vestal Veterans who were above politics read Vestal Generals for the apolitical choices of Cincinnatus, Geo. Washington, Sherman and Geo. Marshall.


  1. Assign precincts to elementary schools and ensure votetime systems are setup and tested one week before.
  2. Work with high school votetimers who setup systems
  3. District veterans are automatically nominated for regional brainbees.

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