Why VoteTime? When you vote,
  1. you are voting your future time,
  2. you vote the politicians' use or misuse of the time you work to earn and pay taxes.
  3. you vote how much time you work to pay medical, housing and insurance costs.
  4. you vote how long you have to work each day and week to survive.
  5. you vote how long your worklife will last before you have earned free time.

People voting their time wisely deserve an efficient, effective voting system that maintains the voter's intent. That system is VoteTime, an offspring of timism.

VoteTime: Investing Your Time

A Trinity of Integrity: Integrity sine qua non

Goal: An immediately available, inexpensive, efficient and honest system for counting votes.

How: High school students can qualify to earn college tuition credit by completing the self-training of the scanner program. For a limited time during the start of timism, people can earn lifehour credits testing out VoteTime. The actual citizen-initiative will begin in Minneapolis--see VoteTime Genesis .


  1. ReadIris: A Great Scanning Program: Letter ... Install ... Startup ... Running
  2. VoteTime: Install  ... Ballot Basics ... DOS Window ... Logic ... Source Code
  3. Training with Test Sheets
  4. Polling Places: Guidelines :

Strengths: VoteTime has many strengths-- Strengths .

Time and Item: The universal downloadable ballot is constructed of entries for offices and issues that have multiple items on which to vote. Interestingly, each item will affect your time and item is anagram of time.

Genesis: Highschoolers

Overview and Summary:  On a regular or special basis,  election from the participants will be used to create a hierarchy of District, State, National and Global votetimers. The Global and National winners will be transfered to the Mall of Humanity for a week-long hands-on, on-the-job training. High schools will receive special lifehour bonuses based on being the first to signup forty-nine votetimers to be used for college. Votetimers receive college tuition credits for performing the community service of counting voting with their computers and scanners.

To signup to be a votetimer, you need to signed up at the Global, National, State and District Level as well as you. If you sign up to be a VoteTimer, you need to complete the thing to do list as quickly as possible. Election. Qualifications will be based on completion of the things to do as well as comparison of skills in Chat rooms for the finalists. A general Chat room and Message board is provided below and as well as for each high school.

Launch 2004 Plan


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