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Center for Timism: The Morality of More Time

Tentative Lines of Communication and Organization

Over-riding Goal: The Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate chaos.

  1. Center Location: Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, China, India or Japan
  2. Bona Fides: For being taken seriously by new contacts, I offer a simple achievements listing:
    1. Completed U.G. requirements at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in just over two years cum laude ... one semester aced 24 hours ... completed pre-med organic chemistry as an overload in two months.
    2. Scored record high in final exam of US Navy electronics school, a de facto bachelors in electrical engineering without humanities.
    3. In 1982 wrote that rising CO2 levels would cause worsening droughts with downwind deluges and flooding based on my understanding of the atmosphere as an electro-chemical process, not NOAA printouts--see CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.
    4. In 1980s, wrote a program for Blue Cross/Blue Shield that yielded over $250,000 in revenue.
    5. If you like getting depressed, see Global Dying for a listing of all the major droughts that developed downwind from developed major oil fields.
    6. Listing of essays on climate change
    7. If you want to test your iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence), read Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence.
    8. Stability: Lived in Chatwell since 1979, 4000 sqft garden--see CaveGarden.
    9. FoMoInfo, see resume and achievements as well as exceptional references.
  3. Business Model:
    1. Which would be a greater legacy from a multi-billion dollar internet startup?
      1. Fund another foundation of which few know anything except for the self-promotional TV ads?
      2. Allocate share ownership to individuals and organizations who help promote
        1. 24in4 for a shorter workweek of meaningful jobs with guaranteed healthcare,
        2. the tools of timism for better democracy and capitalism,
        3. the Primary Moral Imperative of reversing global dying from climate change, the PMI.
    2. Academia and Media hierarchy cashflow of a national, 50 state and 435 district centers to manage better democracy and capitalism with on-going cashflow from the tools of timism.
  4. Funding: Unneeded. Au contraire, Timism will be one of the largest endowments ever.
    1. Startup lifehour allocation: $25,000,000
    2. Student Intern lifehour allocation: $25,000,000
    3. VoteTime, 10% of national academic hierarchy cashflow for Masscom and Infosys departments
    4. Endowing other public institutions and homesteading: Unknown value
  5. Internships/Committees: Rewards, Duties, Requirements, Seminars, and Initial Brainbees
  6. Email Supporters: Tentative
  7. Icing on the Cake: 24in4, a one-time refinancing of all loans into a zero-interest or one-percent jumbo loan with profit-sharing payback as well as a greater guarantee of meaningful jobs and job security.
  8. Integration of two administrations: If SIUE meets the signup deadline of 2500 "Sponsor Ten" accounts, its adminstration will be contacted to implement formal processes to work side-by-side for the PMI.
  9. Caveat: It cannot be emphasized sufficiently the desire of this innovator to be done with Timism as an everyday obsession. I have no long-run goals, only the short-timer's goal of some freedom before the end. Approaching my eight decade on Planet Earth, I am tired of living in an ever-dumber world.
  10. Lifehours: Loss Leaders

SIUE email PR campaign (Tentative ... SnailMail

  1. State Government:
    1. Governor
    2. Legislators
  2. SIUE: generic email
    1. Trustees
    2. Administrators
    3. Faculty Senate
    4. Aleste ... radio
    5. Student Government
    6. Clubs
    7. Deans
    8. Alumni
    9. Campus police
    10. Interview on radio
  3. Press: Illinois, 24in4, TVs, Radios


  1. Financial Gatekeeper: Abacus Bank
  2. Signs(4)SIUE: sequence ... state senators/reps, newspapers, governor: PayPal Programmers
    1. Bona Fides
    2. VoteTime/PayPal
    3. 24in4/Decapitalism
    4. Deadline

If you want a meeting, use interview