Regional Presidential Primaries

The existing presidential primary process is an expensive, undemocratic process with the results that one would expect. Timism provides a new system.

  1. Country is divided into seven regions


    Region Key States
    1 42,583,455 Atlantic


    2 38,728,789 Coastal


    3 43,720,350 Lakeland


    4 46,397,934 Midland


    5 42,374,294 Northern


    6 58,062,702 Southern


    7 41,368,103 Western


  2. Primaries begin July 4 in each region with weekly brainbees of submitters.
  3. Cheap: No public or private money per se though brainbee winners receive the standard lifehour reward for winning a brainbee--see Zero-Cost Primaries.
  4. Labor Day: Seven winners compete in weekly debates for six weeks.
  5. No public audio or video presentation in the two weeks before the general election. Too much and too often, negative radio and tv ads gives the votes to the most gross. Quiet time is needed.
  6. Concomittant with a new primary process will be regular use of Citizen Legislation to let the president fulfill the literal meaning of his title, to preside--not to dictate or to govern.
  7. Humanity will have better presidents and laws with brainbees being used in electing policy-makers and selecting policies, to wit, when politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Please note that until the citizens of Iowa declare an end to their nationally undemocratic caucuses, Iowans cannot participate in timism: No accounts, no loan refinancing, no healthcare insurance. Once Iowans see the light then the next nationally undemocratic state (New Hampshire?) will have a week to cancel its state-despotic primaries or face a general nullification of all New Hampshire timism accounts. And, so on, until we have all states supporting the national regional primary process of timism.

Boycott Iowa and New Hampshire:

  1. Do not stop for gas.
  2. Do not plan conventions or vacations in Iowa.
  3. Do not interview for jobs any Iowan including college graduates. College students have the most to gain from better democracy and better capitalism as tools for economic security and stability and, more importantly, fulfilling the the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth.
  4. Iowans: Boycott the businesses and businessmen who organize events for the 2016 Iowan straw polls. Any business found to be active in the despotism of Iowa strawpolls will have their accounts, their sponsored accounts and their recruited accounts nullified.
  5. When the boycott and nullification of Iowa achieves the desired result--termination of straw polls--then these principles will be applied to each state in succession of schedule state primaries, e.g., New Hampshire.

Administrative Assistants via the Super Brainbee

If the regional primary is successful, on Labor Day, brainbees will be held for all Presidentila appointees. As is, the 4,000 appointees are campaign workers or donors with little experience in their appointed positions. Thus, federal problem-solving is hamstrung by too much learning on the job. One of the worst example is the ambassador appointed to a country where the ambassador does not speak the language. Using the Super Brainbee, the President will select the proffered cabinet secretaries with the secretaries appointing the lesser positions within their purview. The President reserves the right to terminate any appointee at his pleasure and can make suggestions among the brainbee winners. Only a micro-managing president would waste his time on who is at the bottom of the appointee ladder. If we are to solve our problems, we need more efficient and more relevant public officials. Brainbees can help by tapping and prioritizing the citizens intelligence.

Primary Outcome:

  1. Top female: 1st Timist VP
  2. Top male: Chief of staff VP
  3. 2nd Female: Communication VP
  4. 2nd male: Legislative Liaison VP