Dear Neighbor or Friend,

Please be a beta-tester for my website, Timism: The Morality of More Time. Before listing the significant 5-digit financial rewards, I need to share a few items to encourage you to take this request seriously.

  1. My undergraduate transcript--it is the simplest summary of how I was born with a sponge for a brain. I graduated cum laude from the largest university in Illinois in 2 years. One semester I ace'd 24 credits.
  2. My resume shows top-shelf achievements . My career includes (germane to present effort) programming, e.g., $250,000 in mid-1980s from software written for Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
  3. Business plan for Timism, Inc.: The website software is design to give the company away in chunks of 1000 shares (initial) with an IPO value of $25/share.
  4. Primary Moral Imperative (saving life on Planet Earth from climate change) has been increasingly my main motivation since 1982 when I first wrote on climate change predicting worsening droughts with downwind deluges/flooding. My essays include the following with recent relevance.
    1. 1998: Brazil Drought behind Amazon fires--explanation
    2. 2000s: Hurricanes for Dummies predicting worsening larger hurricanes.
    3. Carbon  Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule (to understand the why of climate chaos).
    4. The Primary Moral Imperative is the real reason to be a beta-tester.
  5. Timism: The Morality of More Time. For 50 years, I have explored and expanded a T.O.E. (Theory Of Everything) based on quantifity/qualifying the time in any event/entity. A periodicity is discerned and described that shows a Periodic Table of Existence based on time. Time is the thread in the fabric of life.

It is free to signup. This is not an investment perspectus. Best to read letter before reviewing anty links.

You receive five shares in Timism. In your emailed account confirmation, you receive a list of links from which you can claim upto 1000 shares per entry. You should be able to accumulate 7,000 to 10,000 shares in less than an hour by voting via the webpages for Timism's proposals for the better democracy and better capitalism.

  1. In effect, I am using an internet start-up model to create better a public problem-solving process.
  2. I anticipate supporters claiming/creating 400 to 600 million shares (called lifehours) with a market cap of $10>$16 billion in two years or less (see Ideal Lotteries, Peoples' Primaries and 24in4).
  3. Because I funded and created the software, I did not need venture capitalists. This eliminated the middle-man in transfering shares to the middle-class. Instead of giving stock to a foundation to tell people what they should do, I give stock and tools to people to let them decide.

Of the Tools of Timism, the most valuable is the brainbee.

  1. Brainbees parallel spelling bees with a hierarchy of elimination in which problem-solutions, not words, are spelled out in a blind meritocracy.
  2. Brainbees find our Einstein Moments for solving our biggest shared problems.
  3. Brainbees are the super-highway to government of, by, and for the people.
  4. Brainbees will generate escalating profits from more efficient problem-solving (public and private).

Details: We can meet at your convenience before the beta-testing deadline 7pm, Monday, 190916

  1. $10 re-imbursement: After the free signup, it costs a dollar to claim stock options. I will re-imburse up to $10.
  2. Double bonus:  Email me when you have claimed at least 6,000 lifehour credits  (EVM/IPO $150,000), I will double them.
  3. Be sure to consider endowing your alma mater or another school/system.

In summary, you can collect enough Timism shares to  eventually pay off your student loan debts or reduce home mortgage. If I am right about Timism becoming viral, you can know you helped launch it.

Thanking you for your time,

Neighbor Bob (3600 Anne St, 3 doors behind Crossroad Coffee, stucco house on hill)