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Subject: The biggest bank robbery in history: 401ks drained by stock options and IPOs

Since 1980, the middle class has lost 90% of its retirement benefits while the top 1% went from owning 20% to 65% of America's wealth. To maintain a 1980 lifestyle, the middle-class has to work ten weeks longer if they can find a middle-class job. Half of college graduates in 1990 never found a career job, and 90% of 2014 graduates depend on parents for some or all support. How did this happen? What do we do?

How? Capitalism is a victim of identity theft. Wall hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to cause bankruptcies and unemployment, that is, decapitalize production and decapitate jobs. Capitalism has been metastasized into decapitalism.

For example, consider recapitalization. Hedge funds and private equity buy a corporation by borrowing workers' pension funds. They lop off the least profitable production--but still profitable with employed workers--claiming increased productivity as they recapitalize or counterfeit the stock before an IPO (insiders phooling outsiders).

Wm. Simons, Nixon's Treasury Secretary, put up about $300,000 in a partnership to buy the second largest gift card company (Gibson). Eighteen months later, it was sold to a group of pensions from which Simon was paid some $60 million. Can you copy the title to your house or car several times so as to sell to several people? If you recapitalize your house or car, you go to jail. Wall Streeters go on vacation with their mistresses and with your retirement.

Stock options and IPOs constitute public financing of elections as corporate insiders sell stocks to pensions, savings and 401ks to fuel the Super-Pacs. Did you think SuperPac'ers had those billions of Citizens United dollars just idly sitting in a bank account drawing little or no interest? Meg Whitman sold $142 million of eBay stock to fuel her failed campaign. Likewise with record prices for art sales and mega-yachts.

What to do: Support 24in4. By better employing our human potential, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years  with more disposable funds and fun for self, family, and community in a safer, saner world. Without a middle-class, we will not solve any of our shared, common problems, especially climate change. The Syrian migrant, refugee middle-class does not care about global warming ... only their next meal.

How will 24in4 help you? A three-step plan.

  1. One-time zero-interest refinancing of loans with profit-sharing payback? See Refinance 13.

  2. Share Job Time or Jobless Crime: Convert interest savings into shorter workweek thus creating an employment vacuum to employ the unemployed, under-employed and mis-employed. Will initiate a 32-hour workweek.

  3. Establish part-time community service jobs for healthcare cost. Take healthcare costs out of business bottom line. Will initiate the 24-hour workweek.

Many people will work 4-day flipflop workweeks (TWTF ... MTWT) with twice monthly four-day weekends, e.g., teachers.

You have a 24in4 account which can be activated by requesting a password changed. You are already have five lifehour credits. Here are some of the reasons you should become an active supporter of 24in4.

  1. Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
  2. Solar Shades: How for $25 in 2005 and two hours of painting, I cut my heating costs by hundreds each month and came up with a great greenhouse for starting seedlings.
  3. Encourage friends for free, initially. Remember, lifehour credits are like airline frequent flyer mile bonus, they are only valuable if more people have more of them.
  4. University Rewards: Brainbees and VoteTime royalty based on accounts recruited--upwards of 7 figures annually.

Help create a new social media via 24in4, an internet giant to be owned of, by and for the people. Earn lifehour stock options to pay off lower-interest loans by signing up friends and other actions.

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