Please Note: This was originally written along with software after the 2000 Presidential election which was not only stolen, but with an "in your face" false count: "Bush won Florida by 537 votes" the same number of House (435), Senate(100) and At-Large members(2). The Republican-majority Supreme Court violated the U.S. Constitution by not deferring the issue to the House of Representatives. Today, 2024, Republicans judges (Supreme and Federal) are making decisions to help the re-election of a lying, thieving pervert. The following 201 text will be revised and the software updated when Timism has five angels.

Simply summarized: VoteTime is a universal, global voting system for any country. It complements and enhances the Super Brainbee. VoteTime allows citizens to print and mark ballots at home before arriving at a polling station. Old computers and scanners allow quick scanning with a printed timestamped receipt. VoteTime will lower operating costs by 75% to 90% and, more importantly, end voters standing in lines to vote. In capital costs, VoteTime will save $13 to $15 billion in replacing the crappy machines rushed into polling booths after the 2000 voting disaster. While other people design voting systems with dollar gains in mind, VoteTime was designed as part of a broad reform of public policy-making to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change. What good is wealth if life is worthless? If you do not know the answer, ask the dead or dying. Probably you are part of the problem rather than the solution, a CO2-sinner from wants rather than from needs ... a cancer instead of a creator.


  1. Printed receipt for on-line verification.
  2. Embedded on-line voting.
  3. 2016 Hacking Crisis: In July, the FBI warned states of foreigners hacking electronic voting machines. VoteTime has three data paths to prevent fraud: on-line, scanner and paper trail.
  4. Lottery: The following lists rewards for voting.
























    Lottery Cost


This interfaces with the Super Brainbee's Coding for inexpensive, honest primaries and voting.
Sample Ballot that can be read by any Windows computer and most scanners.

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The No Stand-In-Line, Simple, Nearly Free Vote Counter


Voting Reform:

Complex Problems
Simple Solution

The state of voting in America is summarized in the following sections: Problems, Policy-Mocking, and Solutions. Among the solutions are

  1. a free internet service for a universal, downloadable ballot based on one's postal code, and

  2. a free vote counting software (VoteTime) that turns any of the millions of high schoolers' computer/scanners into vote counting system.

This free, immediately available one-two punch makes a farce of the claims that billions must be spent on systems that won't be available for years and which will be outdated in months with company support suspect in these days of dot.bombs. Whatever the annual cost,

  1. renting computer/scanners from high school students

  2. who serve on election day

  3. with college tuition credits is cheaper and better

  4. than paying for corporate favoritism and mistakes.

If you find the tone at times bitter, it is because this writer has been a victim of election fraud and knows that without popular demand, the habitual politicians will finance expensive reforms without real change.

Voting In America: The following links contain summarize over news accounts of the state of elections and voting in America.

  1. Problems: The primary problem are the people who claim to be Caesar's wife--voting officials entrusted with the keys to the doorway of democracy..

    1. Dead People Voting(3) Fuel of Inflated Votes
    2. Vote Whores and Pimps(3) Greasing Pork (really, this is from the Los Angeles Times)
    3. Registrars(31): Historically and Currently Dishonest
    4. Bedfellows(1): Political incest and cesspool
    5. NUB: Peter Principle and Gang-Bang Voting
  2. Policy-mocking: Etymology notwithstanding, politics is introducing irrelevant factors into problem-solving policy-making so that simple workable solutions become complex worsening problems. Voting reform proposals are replete with irrelevant factors, more policy-mocking.

    1. States Rights or Human Rights (5)
    2. Do-Nothing Politicians: Promises (14)
  3. Solutions
    1. Timistic Clutter Cutter Ballot: Without political approval or registrar contamination, America can give itself and humanity a universal voting system that offers the best of on-line voting and poll voting at 1% of the current cost. The key: A dynamic Downloadable Ballot with hyperlinks based on one's postal address--Timistic Clutter Cutter ... Minneapolis 2001 example ... District Manual Creation (gdballot.htm)
    2. VoteTime: Simple Software Solution: Become A Vote Reformist and
      Save the U.S. Taxpayer Billions of Dollars
      : Every person with a scanner has a system that can be used for counting votes. will initiate a "each one, teach one" training highschoolers to be the nations vote counters on election day with a college tuition credit for time and rental. We can have voting reform before the next primaries without spending billions on outdated computers.--VoteTime.
    3. What Can You Do
      1. Signup for an account if you don't have one.
      2. Install/Test VoteTime to count voters.
      3. New Voting Officials Participate in the state registrar elections. (versus Votetimers)
      4. Demand YOUR Election Officials not buy any vote counting equipment.
      5. Email A Journalist
      6. Donate a computer/Scanner to Poor Countries
      7. Font Needed

Index of Vote Reform WebPages

The seven members of the Gray Matter council for Voting Registrars become the members of the Federal Election Commission, an agency in need of reform.

Touch screens are confusing and discombobulating, especially when compared to downloadable ballots.

  1. Do you think that the average voter registrar is more dishonest than honest?
  2. Would you like a more honest, cheaper voting system that is universal and standardized?
  3. Would you like a
  4. On-line ballot
  5. Weekly ballots
  6. Down loadable ballots.
  7. Would you rather have gang-bang voting that leads to election-year jerks in the economy or weekly voting?

Outline:  Votetime Templates