Since the originator of the Snowflake Brain Bees no longer supports some of the applications and principles established along the creation path, it's quite ok for individuals, websites, corporations, etc., to qualify their support and use of the forums.

In many ways, the multifaceted applications of timism are like an expanding orphanage dedicated to retrieving lost children so as to create self-supporting, independent citizens. While the vast majority of the timistic brats have turned out well, some of them are borderline rotten apples. With your time, do you recall all your barrels to unload and review for bad apples, or, do you plant more trees to produce more apples? The steward of timism choose the latter.

The originator felt it to better to contend with flaws than to focus on flawless content. The latter would forever preclude launching the process of on-line brain bees for better democracy and capitalism. The following are examples of how you could qualify or limit your support.

The rainbow of the forums is a mirror of the world wide web as a whole. As we do not endorse all uses of the web nor do we endorse all forums or forum outcomes. But we do think the WWW can help humanity solve its problems as well as help us serve you better. On-line ticketing saves time and money. On-line brain bees can help us stay abreast of your needs and concerns so we can serve you better than you expect as we pursue our goal of 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.