Editorial Review of Brainbee winners, Individuals or Issues

When a public brainbee primary comes to the final level, the previous six winners are emailed a request to review the new winners before the final vote by the submitting participants. The goal is a fuller picture of the individual or issue by those who have a track record in that brainbee area. The reviewers have 24 hours in which to post their comments via the email that they are sent.

Replying with their comments, attached directly or indirectly as a link, will result in their being paid one lifehour of credit to their timism account. More important than the direct compensation is the indirect benefit of fewer problems and a lower cost of living.

Praise is a waste. More important is constructive criticism citing specifics rather than general feelings, i.e., gut reactions. A similar process is the "Flaws of Finalist" brainbees on each of the seven finalists whereby any original submitter can participate in a brainbee to note specific flaws in the final candidates.

Please note that the editorial review process is only for public brainbee primaries.

Example of email sent

Quality Control Tools for Higher iCube ... Frog Leaping.
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