Eerie Coincidences:

In developing the concept and applications of on-line democracy in the form of on-line brain bees, a number of coincidences were found.

  1. Cerebral, Cognitive Co-Processing: The on-line brain bees with the principle of division by seven to come up with seven most important items (issues/individuals) from the people with or suffering from those items is very much like the brain and consciousness. Consciousness consists of the most important items of the moment as the brain prioritizes sensory input based on memory of those sensory experiences. The brain, in a sense, is dividing at the periphery all sensory input with the most crucial being promoted to the next level based on importance. As a rule most people are conscious of only a few items at any one time. On-line brain bees are, in effect, the creation of a collective consciousness in which the most important items are brought to the forefront of public awareness for each person to benefit from the problem-solving benefits of having the most important issues or individuals before the public. With brain bees we find our Einstein Moments.
    • Using all of our brain power: One hears that we use only 10% of our brain power. Why? In one ear and out the other with a propensity to forget that we forgot. The ease, simplicity and uniformity of on-line brain bees will allow people to easily remember and share problem-solving information that would otherwise be lost to a future date and a larger version of the problem, e.g., Ford Explorer & Bridgestone/Tombstone tires . On-line democracy not only creates a super-brain that is the greater than the sum of our individual brains but it facilitates the individual brain to have more free time from problems to focus enjoying life.
    • Variable cycles: The brain varies in how frequently and rapidly it forms new perceptions or conceptions based on the demands of the moment. On-line brain bees are easily variable in the frequency of submission to the length of voting.
  2. LIFE: Central to the simplicity of the on-line brain bees is a coding that allows any human decision-making process to be characterized in eight characters or less. The code, in fact, allows for more brain bees than there are human beings who are currently alive, 208 billion, (see powers of 26). The coding is somewhat like the taxonomic hierarchy to categorize plants and animals: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, specie, subspecie and variety/form. Unintended, the comparable terms for uniquely and distinctly coding the brain bees is as follows:
    • Level: Global, Federal, State, Local, Business, Media, Private
    • Item: Individual or Issue (elections/editors or information/legislation)
    • Focus: Election, Legislation, Question, Watchdog
    • Extension: four character code that is usually GPS based on the global spot of the decision-making.
  3. As you can readily see, the coding parameters lend themselves to an acronym--life--which this writer discovered by accident while programming the brain bees. A variable was needed to describe the code word which a review of the parts immediately made clear.
  4. Item and Time: In seeking a term for the information content of the brain bees, both inclusive and exclusive, a number of terms were used at different times. Issues are clearly and obviously information. Likewise, but not so literally, individuals are instances of information. We elect people--in theory, but not practice--because we believe they have the information base that will benefit us. Our re-presentatives will re-present our interests by presenting repeatedly information that mirrors our information and interests ... in theory. Both issues and individuals as forms of information are items of information. As noted in the first two eerie coincidences, item is used in discussing items of consciousness and coding of democracy. Eerily, in this timistic vision of humanity for the third millennium, item is an anagram of time.
  5. DNA security coding: While the details cannot be too specific, the security coding of the on-line brain bee ballots were discovered to be parallel in structure to the double helix. Like the brain bee coding of LIFE, this was not intentional. Like the uniqueness of individuals' DNA, no doubt determined hackers can discern the algorithm. Hopefully, one so skilled would have better things to do than change the strand of characters that are voters backbone of democracy.  Other security measures provide redundancy to prevent wholesale recombinant corruption of freedom.

In summary, very eerie.

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