Einstein Moments

Andy Warhol said every one gets their fifteen minutes of fame while Will Rogers said he never met a man who was not igknowant in some subject. Put the sentiment of these human observations together within brain bees and we have Einstein Moments. Brain bees are not only nominally brainy in nature but are cerebral processes with a rate of integration ( ROI ) that can be adjusted to the rate of problems.

Everyone has their moment of eureka in which they know a true solution to a problem in life. Solving problems is not only the drudgery of work but the joy of the best poem or song of the moment--Youth Wisdom Forums#Poem. He who makes us laugh the most is a great problem-solver, e.g., Bob Hope.

Common adage has it that a person does not use 90% of their brain power. This is true of the human potential to solve our escalating, accelerating problems. Humanity uses less than ten percent of its problem-solving potential. Sadly, in national and global affairs, only a small partial percentage of the whole population determines the problem agenda of politics, the money dictators. Better democracy will create a larger clear pool of problem-solvers to replace the few who inhabit the political cesspool.

Brain bees are a way for the masses of concerned, intelligent citizens to determine, easily and efficiently, who is having their Einstein Moment so that we call can benefit from fewer problems. To wit, everyone has moments of genius for which they deserve their minutes of recognition and glory ... brain bees. By using brain bees to capture the Einstein Moments of individuals we are capturing the Kodak Morality of existence. Humanity needs to tap our Einstein moments rather than to hope for an Einstein to save us.

Einstein moments:

  1. Small people often have big ideas for which they have no field upon which to plow and grow the idea.
  2. Friendships with small people have big rewards if you are a human being who does not recognize big or small when it comes to friends, e.g., Einstein moments.
  3. When it comes to human relations, my friends are chosen because they have more Einstein moments than I do in understanding how to be happy. I am happier because my friends are chosen for human freedom not dollar freedom.

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