Voting Rules, Criteria and Considerations

If everyone votes for their second best
then we will have the best choice.

  1. A person will vote for the items in the order of the person's preference: On the email subject line after "Vote", one keys in all the item numbers from best liked to least liked. You must include all the items--otherwise, your votes are negated. Ranking a stupid or evil idea last is the same as not voting for it, for your primary vote has a weighted vote of six points while your last choice gets only one. If your least liked or most reviled item is truly bad, others will agree and this item will not see light at the next level. Diplomatically, share an enlightening insight with this item's author.
  2. Encryptions provide control of votes.
  3. Deadlines: Votes must be received by listed deadline.
  4. People can't vote for their own item or own pool item, directly or indirectly.
    • Direct self-voting: If a person self-votes, the email reply containing the vote tally will contain a message indicating that someone voted for self. The self-voter will receive a message indicating the self-vote. The self-voters total votes are cancelled.
    • Indirect self-voting:
      • If you vote for none or do not vote, your submission is nullified even if it has the highest vote tally. Not voting at all is the same as voting for yourself. By not voting, you are forcing up your relative vote by not giving any weight to the other submitted items.
      • One must vote for all the submissions, even the ones that you don't like. The reason for this requi rement is to prevent people from inflating their own submission vote by voting only for the obviously bad ones. (A precedent for this is "cross-over" voting in political primaries in which Republicans vote in Democratic primaries for the weakest overall candidate so the contest in the General Election is not a fair one of the two best candidates. Republicans are into organizing America to solve Republican problems, not America's problems.
  5. Immediate versus Extended Group voting: Concept to be clarified in the future.
  6. Deme = Vote: The group of which you are a part can be called several things, e.g., cyberclassroom or deme, the historical unit behind the first half of democracy.
  7. Votes Quality Control: Votes are quality controlled for the following variables:
    • Too many,
    • Out of range,
    • Duplicates,
    • Self-votes.
      A voter's ballot will be cancelled if one of the above happen.
  8. A negative vote for an item on the voting results which are emailed to the members of the deme indicates that a person voted for themselves without sufficient other votes to reverse the subtraction of voting for one's own item.

While the software has been tested in all possible considerations, it may have logical or programming flaws. They will be addressed as they are recognized and a forum is available for reporting bugs--see FAQ.

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.



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