Over-population: Too many People

The number one hidden Weapon of Mass Destruction
is the human genitalia.


Each new human being increases the CO2 stress load, moreso in the developed countries in underdeveloped or dying countries.

The following two graphs shows what is wrong with our future.

Almost a third of the people born in the last 10,000 years is still alive. The question is not "What kind of world will your descendants inherit?" The question is how long they remain in a purgatory of angst and anxiety before a hell of deprivation. In a deteriorating world, too few jobs and too many idle minds are the binary components behind exploding inner-city crime and international terrorism. How do you levy a death sentence on your descendents? Have too many. The number one human problem? Too many. Too many mouths to feed. Too many shafts that seed. Too many wombs that breed. Too many men and women choose a self-destructive family-size with collateral damage that transcends borders and years. Ten kids is a proletariat imprisonment of offspring and parents, not an insurance policy for old age.  Too many. Too many. Too many. Too many examples.

Help that does not help the helpless help themselves is not help--see Kids Starving, 1992. Can you afford to care?


  1. When everyone gets into one lifeboat, it is no longer a lifeboat.

  2. People moving from low to high CO2-generation per capita speed up climate change, chaos and collapse.

  3. Braindrain by the brightest, most motivated people from home country to immigrant countries causes more violence and terrorist in both countries.

  4. People who will not fight for their old homeland are not likely to fight for their new homeland.

  5. Pro-litter countries should be banned from exporting their irresponsible sex.

  6. NGO-s that encourage un-restricted baby-making are killing life on earth, violating the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change.

  7. The whole medical profession is guilty of killing life on earth by keeping CO2-sinners alive longer or encouraging more CO2-sinners.

  8. People having more than one kid, regardless of personal wealth, are people having babies that Mother Nature cannot afford, including the Duck and Duckess of Cambridge.

  9. People having any kid before age 30 is guilty of killing life on earth.

  10. We need Controlled Depopulation by sacrifices of wants to avoid the needless suffering and death.

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