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  1. Before it ends up in a grill somewhere in the Middle East, searing lamb or beef, Somalia's "black gold" travels a perilous road from acacia forests in rural areas to one of the country's busy ports.
  2. Charcoal is perhaps the biggest export of this rugged country, so collapsed that statistics are among the many things hard to come by. Once, acacias covered vast swaths of Somalia's south and central regions; today, the forests are devastated. Despite an official ban on the export of charcoal, truckloads of it clog the dangerous roads to port bound for Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.
  3. "It's not good for the country," Mr. Osman declared. "We now have sand covering areas where there used to be forests, and there is less ground for livestock to graze."
  4. But in the past, axes were used to fell the trees. Now that charcoal has become a big business, forests buzz with the sound of chain saws.
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USAToday Toll On Crops Record Cold
  1. Record cold takes a toll on crops
3 090804 htm
USAToday Storms Rip Crops
  1. Storms rip crops, disrupt power in parts of Ne

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