Eco Liberators and the Impending Intifada

A general paper has been written that civilization is suffering an accelerating collapse--see Existential Meltdown. A specific and major reason for the meltdown is the climate and social impact of petroleum. Oil lets some countries live a higher standard of time-saving technology while other countries suffer immediately the environmental impact of drilling oil, polluting localities and flaring gas, e.g., Nigeria or Brazil where most people can't afford water let alone oil.

As awareness of this unjust self-destructiveness becomes more widespread, we will witness an escalation of specific acts of Eco-Liberation: popular acts of Self-Survival. The acts are varied and growing--Eco Vandals? This page projects probabilities based on past and current events. It does not encourage acts of violence but prognosticates in hopes the perps will perk up to the truth. In this vein, it asks the question: Who is truly the eco-terrorist?

Eco Liberators
"Ecos" has its origin in Greek. Ecos means "home." Economics (ecos nomos) means "home laws." When one hears words like "ecoterrorist," one has to consider the possibility of semantic slippage: Has someone flip the meaning of a word to say one thing but to do another? One protecting his home or the home of his descendants is not a terrorist in the judgment of history.

Below is an outline of incidences in which the person has been called a terrorist. If the existential impact of a person's actions are to bring about a liberation of human freedom, equality and justice, is one a terrorist or a liberator?

  • Petty Liberators:
    • Nails in trees: If one wants to stop wanton destruction of forest, is the person terrorizing or liberating the forest for future generations?
    • Trucks burned:
    • Homes burned: If people are building second or third homes using decapitalistic income in times of housing shortage, is burning the 95% empty home an act of terrorism or liberation?
      When it is the case that the courts are controlled by the people destroying the environment or the future, the mislabeling of the liberators as terrorists is not only to be expected but the historical norm.
  • Fatal Liberators: Poor man's cost effective weapons of the coming Civil World War
    • Intifada vs. F16: How can Israel expect to resolve the impasse when its own people are abandoning the promised land while the children of the pre-1900 Palestinians are willing to die to liberate their homes. (This writer's support of a Jewish homeland has weakened with each Israeli atrocity and with each Jonathan Pollard.)
    • Rubber dinghies vs U.S. Coles: A dinghy that couldn't carry the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders almost sunk a half billion dollar U.S. warship. The funny thing is that this was after a multi-year, multi-million plan to protect U.S. warships in transit to trouble spots of the world.
    • Timothy McVeigh: A rented truckload of agricultural fertilizer was used by a loner to kill almost 200 people. I'm surprised he didn't rent and set up several trucks before driving them to different locations in Oklahoma City.
    • Oil platform sinks:  If ecoliberators were not responsible for the unexplained sinking of the world's largest deep water oil drill (Brazil, March, 2001), it is only a matter of time before ecoliberators start targeting the offshore wells and the onshore support.
    • Billion Dollar Missile Defense: As $50 million planes cannot defeat determined children, as $500 million destroyers cannot defeat dinghies, so will a $50 billion missile defense not protect America. In fact, the cost passed onto the poor of America and humanity will engender the cheap fertilizer bombs of Timothy McVeigh.
    • Bin Ladin: One of his next attack will be in the heartland of America, not to make Americans feel insecure but to echo harm to the core of different countries by American's wanton waste of energy, the on-going, greatest tragedy of the 20th Century.

I am not advocating, just predicting. A wake up call to habitual politicians. Take your money and run. As hackers can always outsmart and outstep computer security pocket-protectors, so can an individual "yearning to breathe free" find a way to defeat the agents of his home's violation. Sadly, the habitual politicians will not wake up, for they are the mindset which our founding fathers fought. Like George III of England, we have another hereditary, son-of-habitual hereditary politician for a leader, Georgee.

Eco Civil World War

With the existential meltdown of humanity, the number of intelligent, angry individuals increase, both domestic and foreign. A civil war has already begun with the number of recruits increasing each day. Where are they coming from:

  • Brazil "When the drought set in, so did the desperation of the poor. Hungry people started raiding schools and grocery stores for food. .... Throughout the Northeast, 110 such raids were reported through the end of last May."
  • China: "a growing pattern of large protests, sometimes involving tens of thousands of people, and an incident in which a defiant farmer cut off a tax collector's ear."

Who causes the angry, determined individuals? The habitual politicians. The Eco-Fascists

Massive population dislocation and social/political upheavals from droughts

  • China: The over-crowded cities get more over-crowded.
  • Brazil: Invasion of Paraguay:
  • Horn of Africa: Minneapolis, Minnesota, has 30,000+ Africans from the Horn.
  • Sahel, West Africa: As noticeable as the East Africans are the West Africans.
  • US, Dustbowl: The 1930's Dustbowl drought caused the largest dislocation of people in America except for the Civil War

Eco Terrorism: Who Really Deserves the Label, the Eco-Fascists or Eco-Liberators

  • Brazil: "The numbers point to corruption, special interest politics, waste and incompetence," says Environment Minister Gustavo Krause. "We are throwing away money while people are dying of thirst." Brazil's drought
  • China: "China today confirmed a bloody crackdown on a southern village involved in a tax dispute with the government last week and announced that two officials are under investigation for their roles in the confrontation. Crackdown

The true eco-terrorists cannot win for the truth is on the side of the eco liberation army, a mass of uncoordinated concern citizens who reside world-wide and who respond to world worries.

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