Water and Terror

Behind the growing, mutual terror between Jews and Arabs in the Mideast is the fight for land and water. People have had the water to their homes and fields turned off. The basic, growing global conflict is the struggle to live which is symbolized in the disappearance of available water and appearance of bottled water. The following picture for this writer, while very disturbing, symbolizes the existential meltdown and environmental collapse facing humanity.

Whereas your grandparent could readily drink widely, you must increasingly pay for the basic liquid of life without which you are dead. The next time you take a swig of your bottled water be sure to toast the death of your future, for it is dying.

The author has tried to provide the means by which Palestinians and Israelis can solve their problems through better democracy and capitalism--see progress of global democracy. This page contains an argumentative stick with a carrot offered elsewhere.

The above picture (from the aftermath of the Hamas attack on the student cafeteria of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem) appeared on CNN website via the AP on 020731. What a horribly misnamed city--city of peace?

While many will see terrorism and water bottles as unrelated, they are both symbols of and contribute to humanity's existential meltdown.

911 World Trade Center, Time Magazine "Shattered Series"

The following picture is from Time Magazine, Picture of the Week, September 20, 2002. Pictures like these will disappear into history only if humans act to stop the existential meltdown.

The following shows how the liquid of life is no longer free even when you buy food at a U.S. national fastfood chain:


Water access is going the way of health insurance with more people being denied coverage. For a declining few, the cost escalates for those who can still afford it. Like insurance, water rights are being controlled by a fewer few to enrich private citizens by price-gouging the public: America and worldwide. Water management is going the way of public transporation. As the automobile industry bought up and closed down mass transit so as to force people to buy and use cars, so are the major bottled-water companies buying of local water systems

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