Amazon Fires 2019/20: Texas Floods, East Coast Droughts, Hurricane Blastomas and UK Bombs

The 80,000 Amazon forest fires in 2019 showed three examples of CO2 hydrophilia that were documented years ago.

  1. Flooded Western Gulf Coast (Texas/Louisina, 2019): When the prevailing winds go westward across the open span of the Gulf of Mexico, water is picked in the CO2 FRQ clusters with a resulting soaking soda bottle shake.
  2. Droughts on the East Coast: Winds going north over the Caribbean islands onto the US East Coast do not pickup become saturated because of the intervening land mass. Going north along the eastern United States, the unsaturated CO2 soaks up water from and and atmosphere. This echos
    1. the East Coast droughts and deluges from the massive Gulf of Mexico wells which illegally burned of natural gas until a gas transportation system was developed to sell the gas on-line (1999), and,
    2. the East Coast drought (6 months) after Hurricane Katrina disrupted the natural gas transportation system.
      (This drought phenomenon echos the origin and end of the Midwest Droughts (1933 and 1950).
  3. Mis-shapend hurricanes: Hurricanes in the middle of the Atlantic are normally "donuts." When the hurricane encounter CO2 masses, the donut changes into a "blastoma" donut in which someone has torn a section out. Prior to the Amazon fires, no hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic became a blastoma. That changed with Hurricane Lorenzo which became not only a "blastoma" but most easterly category 5 hurricane. As noted in Hurricane for Dummies, increased CO2 increases the strength of hurricanes.
  4. Panama Canal Drought: The year 2019 was the worst drought in the history of the Canal. It is downwind from the Amazon Forest with no significant water body in between. Thus the Amazaon fires' CO2 clouds soak up the water that should be replenishing Gatun Lake which is a reservoir feeding the locks that raise and lower ships transiting the Ithmus. The canal authority has imposed depth restriction on ships.
  5. UK massive storms Clara and Dennis: February, 2020: If you put together two events, you will realize the source of the massive record-breaking storms.
    1. On August 13, 2004, Hurricanes Bonnie and Charlie merged creating a sudden category 4 hurricane that pummeled Florida. Following the tra
      European Bombs (February, 2020).  The prevailing wind patterns (westerlies) took the CO2-saturated, moisture-laden mass to the North Atlantic making landfall at Boscastle, England, on August 16, 2004, causing one of Britain's 10 worst weather events since 1947. Rainfall washed Boscastle off the map.
    2. Hurricane Lorenzo (2019) The unusual feature of Lorenzo was not only that it was the largest ever Mid-Atlantic hurricane (Category 5) but it was not the normal perfect circular, donut-shaped hurricane:
      1. In Hurricanes for Dummies, it is shown how a hurricane encountering a mass of CO2 has a higher energy level per volume of air. It is shown that the CO2 visually distorts the normal donut-shaped cyclonic due to the CO2 forming FRQs.
      2. The reason Lorenzo strengthen and distorted was the CO2 generated in the burning Amazon forests coursing to the northeast.
    3. If I was the Prime Minister of England, I would order the Royal Navy to destroy the pipelines from the massive oil wells off Brazil's east coast that are upwind from the Amazon forests. These deep-water oil wells burn off billions of cubic feet of natural gas each day causing dessicating, dehydrating plums of CO2.