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Drought World Map0211-- Columbia Ed
2 ------ txt Drought Email List
3 010714 htm StarTrib Barges Stuck Ms River
  1. Barges run aground in St. Paul, halting Mississippi shipping
4 020327 htm USAToday Rivers Barest Levels
  1. More than half the states have been affected, among them almost every single state along the East Coast. Only those states along the West Coast and in the Mississippi Valley have been spared.
  2. Farmers in the Southeast are facing stunted crops. Ranchers in the Northern Plains are being forced to sell off their herds, even their land.
  3. Many areas in the Mid-Atlantic region are 15 inches or more below their normal precipitation for the period starting July 2001 and ending in February 2002.
5 020826 htm
USAToday Drought2002 Ovu
  1. The Colorado River is flowing at 14% of normal, the lowest figure in 150 years of record-keeping.
  2. If so, this drought is still comparatively puny. At the height of the eight-year Dust Bowl, skies darkened with blowing topsoil and 63% of the nation was in the most severe stages of drought. This week, that figure is 37%.
6 030408 htm
USAToday Drought Flood
  1. The drought in places such as Australia was exacerbated because it hit agricultural areas hard, says climate expert Graham Farquhar of the Australian National University. His research, also presented Monday, suggests climate change may heighten both drought and flooding by affecting in unexpected ways how water moves through the environment.
  2. For example, more carbon dioxide causes plants to consume less water, in turn sending less of it into the atmosphere. And higher temperatures may cause more evaporation from lakes and oceans, but that may cause more rain over humid areas. Thus, water-rich regions may get more flooding and water-poor ones may see more drought
7 041003 jpg
USATODAY Lake Powell Drought Power Plant041003 U S A T O D A Y
8 050822 htm
WSJ Arabs on Holiday Say, 'Rain, Rain Don't Go Away'
  1. But even though money can't buy rain, it can buy parched Arabs the next best thing: a monsoon vacation.
9 060414 htm
WashPost Dying for Water in Somalia's Drought
  1. Villagers call it the "War of the Well," a battle that erupted between two clans over control of a watering hole in this dusty, drought-stricken trading town.
  2. By the time it ended two years later, 250 men were dead. Now there are well widows, well warlords and well warriors.
  3. Mahmood's husband went out in search of water. Two days later, he was found dead, she said as an infant on her back cried and nine other children tugged at her torn dress.
10 060613 htm
USAToday Last Years Floods Give Way To Drought
  1. Less than a year after suffering one of the most disastrous floods in U.S. history, the Gulf Coast is in the midst of a drought.
  2. "Before the last four years, we always seemed to have typical summer, typical winter, with typical rains," Gonsoulin says. "But now it's either too much or not enough."
  3. The dry conditions date back to August 2005, before hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit. To recover, the area needs about an inch of rain a day for the next four weeks. That's unlikely, says Barry Keim, a climatologist for the state of Louisiana.
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11 060711 htm
USAToday Drought makes Louisiana feel more like Texas than subtropics
  1. After dealing with far too much water, southern Louisianans must now cope with far too little: In the century that records have been kept, the region has never been so dry.
12 070307 htm
UsaToday Driest Year Ever L A
  1. With little moisture in usually wet February, meteorologists said Los Angeles is facing its driest year ever with less than 2½ inches of rain so far.
13 070425 htm
USAToday Nevada Faces Drought
  1. A lackluster winter and higher than normal temperatures are causing significant drought conditions in western Nevada and the Sierra,
  2. This year's dismal winter finished with a Sierra snowpack less than half of what it should be. Dry conditions were exacerbated by above-normal temperatures this spring that led to an early, rapid snowmelt.
  3. That means less water will flow from a melting snowpack into the region's rivers and streams during the remainder of the spring and early summer.
  4. stream runoff in the Lake Tahoe Basin is expected to be 26% of normal. Runoff in the Carson River Basin could drop as low as 18%, the lowest in the state.
14 070607 htm
USAToday A Drought For Ages
  1. Drought, a fixture in much of the West for nearly a decade, now covers more than one-third of the continental USA
  2. Coast to coast, the drought's effects are as varied as the landscapes:
15 070616 htm
USAtoday S E-Exceptional Drought Spreading
  1. The choking drought that's killing crops and turning streams into dusty trails across the Southeast is expanding
  2. Overall, the entire Southeast is in at least a moderate drought,
16 070703 htm
USAToday Urges Prayer For Rain Alabama Governor
  1. Gov. Bob Riley has turned to a higher power, issuing a proclamation calling for a week of prayer for rain.
  2. "He shouldn't do these things that raise the specter of government promoting a particular religion," Lynn said. "It's just a bad idea."
17 070707 htm
USAToday Fixing Glades Renewed With Ongoing Drought
  1. Its main artery, the Kissimmee River starting near Orlando, hasn't flowed south in more than 240 days, depriving the lake of 50% of its wate
18 071226 htm
USAToday Relentless N Carolina Drought Could Be Devastating In2008-
  1. The record-setting drought that has forced the governor to plead for conservation, homeowners to shelve their lawn sprinklers and farmers to drain their ponds for irrigation is only forecast to get worse in the new year.
  2. "I don't want to be too pessimistic," LeComte said. "Droughts do end, and sometimes surprisingly quickly. You never hope for a hurricane, but you might hope for the remains of one."
19 080617 htm
USAToday Texas Agricultural Losses From Drought
  1. In more than four decades of farming, South Plains cotton producer Rickey Bearden says he's never seen an early growing season like this one.
20 080710 htm
MSNBC Worsening Drought Expected
  1. Government forecasts little help coming for country’s parched food belt
  2. A decade-long drought in Australia’s most important crop-growing region is worsening
  3. The Murray-Darling river system, which produces 40 percent of Australia’s fruit, vegetables and grain
  4. Lowest rainwater levels in 117 years
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21 090310 htm
USAToday 2009 Record Dry Start Worries Farmers Firefighters
  1. The first two months of 2009 are the driest start of any year since the USA began keeping records over a century ago, leading to severe drought in Texas, dipping reservoir levels in Florida and a surge in wildfires across the nation.

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