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Drough n.a. txt T DroughtEmailList.txt
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filename L Title (References AnnotationNo Orphans)
2009Re O 2009 Record Dry Start Worries Farmers Firefighters 090310USAToday
ADroug O A Drought For Ages 070607USAToday
Arabso O Arabs on Holiday Say, 'Rain, Rain Don't Go Away' 050822WSJ
Barges H Barges Stuck Ms River* 010714StarTrib
Driest O Driest Year Ever L A* 070307UsaToday
Drough O Drought2002 Ovu* 020826USAToday
Drough O Drought Flood* 030408USAToday
Dyingf O Dying for Water in Somalia's Drought 060414WashPost
Fixing O Fixing Glades Renewed With Ongoing Drought 070707USAToday
LakePo O LakePowellDroughtPowerPlant041003USATODAY.jpg
LastYe O Last Years Floods Give Way To Drought* 060613USAToday
Louisi O Drought makes Louisiana feel more like Texas than subtropics 060711USAToday
Nevada O Nevada Faces Drought 070425USAToday
Relent O Relentless N Carolina Drought Could Be Devastating In2008- 071226USAToday
Rivers H Rivers Barest Levels* 020327USAToday
SE-Exc O S E-Exceptional Drought Spreading 070616USAtoday
TexasA O Texas Agricultural Losses From Drought 080617USAToday
UrgesP O Urges Prayer For Rain Alabama Governor 070703USAToday
Worsen O Worsening Drought Expected 080710MSNBC
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Drough O DroughtWorldMap0211--ColumbiaEd.gif
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