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(see webpage) S C Fires Contained09028 US A Today
  1. The wildfire that burned nearly 30 square miles near the South Carolina coast is now 100% contained.
3 010815 htm CNN Fire Plan10 Yr Bush
  1. The Bush administration and Western governors have signed off on a 10-year plan that would help reduce the wildfires that plague the Western United States.
  2. [A King Canute apporach--RSB]
4 010815 htm CNN Fires May Need Military
  1. The dry, windy dog days of August have pushed the Western wildfire season into full swing
5 020619 htm CNN Extreme Behavior Fires Colorado
  1. Strong wind, heat and low humidity worked against crews battling wildfires
6 020619 htm NYT Fires Twice As Big
  1. a wind-whipped wildfire exploded to nearly 12,000 acres as it leaped from treetop to treetop
7 020731 jpeg CNN A P History Wildfires020731 C N N
8 020816 htm StarTrib Russian Fires
  1. Moscow wrapped in smoke from wildfires
  2. Bigger fires continued burning in Siberia, where nearly 3 million acres of forest have been destroyed.
9 020829 htm CNN World Fires Nasa
  1. The new maps document the extreme fire season experienced this year in the United States. Though the large wildfires in the Western United States have garnered most of the media's attention, the new NASA maps also highlight the smaller but far more frequent blazes across the Southeast.
  2. The maps also show dramatic fires across Siberia, Australia, Brazil and Africa. Many of the fires burning in those areas swept across savannah and grassland, with total acreage burned in a single fire far exceeding that of any U.S. wildfire.
10 020906 htm LaTimes Bog Fires Russia
  1. A drought and drained peat bogs are providing conditions for blazes. Flawed land management gets the blame for extensive underground burning.
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11 020918 htm
AzRep Wildfire plans are deadlocked
  1. Senators disagree on reducing threat in national forests
  2. Neither strategy has enough votes to overcome procedural delays, or filibusters, from the opposition.
  3. The GOP proposal mirrors much of President's Bush's proposal to expedite forest-thinning efforts by easing regulations and limiting lawsuits by environmentalists and private citizens on 10 million acres of national forests
  4. But with both plans not having the 60 votes needed to avoid procedural delays by opponents
12 020925 jpg Nasa Firesmongolia020925 Nasa
13 021107 htm
AuBC Indonesian fires have exacerbated global warming: research
  1. Indonesian fires have exacerbated global warming: research
  2. more than 2.5 million tonnes of carbon entered the atmosphere, contributing to the biggest annual increase in carbon emissions since records began.
  3. most of it came from smouldering deposits of peat.
  4. The forest fires of 1997 and 1998 were fuelled in part by a strong El Nino, creating ideal conditions for any spark to become a blaze
  5. Underground are vast deposits of peat which smouldered for many months.
14 021114 txt AuBC Hot Winds Crops Dead021114 Au B C
15 061006 htm
USAToday Most Destructive Fire Season
  1. Since January, fires have burned more than 9.1 million acres. That is the worst destruction since the Boise center began keeping accurate records in 1960 and far exceeds the yearly average of 5.2 million acres over the past decade.
16 070416 htm
USAToday Monster Ga Wildfire
  1. A fast-moving "monster" fire in southeastern Georgia has blackened 10,000 acres of forest
  2. The fire started Monday when a tree fell on a power line
  3. "It was jumping county roads and highways
  4. The large fire is one of five burning in southeastern Georgia
17 070422 htm
USAToday Ga Wildfire Continues To Burn
  1. burned more than 70 square miles of forest
18 070505 htm
USAToday Agency Predicts More Fires In West And So East
  1. The West and Southeast face an increased wildfire risk this year because of ongoing drought and an expected hotter than average summer
  2. In 2006, a record 9.8 million acres burned, 2,300 buildings were destroyed, fire suppression costs totaled $1.4 billion, and 24 wildland firefighters died.
19 070505 htm
USAtoday Raging Wildfires Force Evacuations Florida
  1. The blaze was first spotted Tuesday afternoon about four miles west of Interstate 95
20 070511 htm
USAToday Catalina Island Wild Fire
  1. A wind-driven wildfire threatened Santa Catalina Island's main city
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21 070511 htm
USAtoday Fla Fire Crews Near Breaking Point
  1. 236 fires were burning more than 87,000 acres around the state
  2. Georgia is battling two wildfires that have each burned more than 100,000 acres
  3. The fires even affected counties that weren't ablaze, as heavy smoke drifted over most counties in the state.
22 070511 htm
USAToday Fla Geog Battles Wild Fires
  1. The two drought-parched states have been battling blazes for weeks, with nearly 300 square miles charred in all.
23 070512 htm
USAToday Ca Mn So East Fire Threat Eases
  1. Fire threat eases in Calif. as blazes continue in Minn., Southeast
24 070622 htm
USAToday Co-Wildfire Destroys3 Homes Colorado
  1. A wind-swept wildfire destroyed three homes and damaged a fourth in this small western Colorado town, but no injuries were reported
  2. Harvey said close-in vegetation helped the flames jump from house to house.
25 070624 htm
USAToday Alaska Blaze Destroys Dozens Of Homes
  1. An enormous forest fire started by tool sparks has destroyed dozens of homes and cabin
  2. The blaze had blackened about 78 square miles, or 50,000 acres
26 070624 htm
USAToday Crews Try To Contain Wildfires Just West Of Reno
  1. a 150-acre wildfire that had burned within 200 yards of some upscale homes
27 070626 htm
USAToday Ca Wild Fire Destroysover200 Homes
  1. A raging wildfire near Lake Tahoe on Monday forced hundreds of residents to flee towering flames that destroyed more than 200 buildings, turned the sky orange and fouled the lake's famously clear waters with falling ash.
  2. At least three members of the local fire department were believed to have lost their homes.
28 070708 htm
USAToday Wild Fires Flare Across The West
  1. one of more than a dozen blazes that charred a combined 55 square miles in northern Nevada.
  2. The blaze was among a series that dotted the West on Saturday as a heat wave made parched terrain even drier, forcing authorities to evacuate homes and close highways and wilderness areas.
29 070801 htm
USAToday Canary Island Fire11000 Evacuate
  1. About 6,000 people were evacuated from homes on Tenerife, where fires have burned 11,000 acres of forest on the western part of the island
30 070801 htm
USAToday So Africa Wild Fire Kills18people
  1. Wildfires sweeping across parts of eastern South Africa have killed at least 18 people and damaged thousands of acres of land,
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31 070829 htm
USAToday Foreign Fire Fighters Battle Greek Fires
  1. The country's worst fires in living memory have killed at least 64 people since they began five days ago, ravaging olive groves, forest and orchards and incinerating homes, wild animals and livestock.
  2. Greece also braced for the economic impact of the wildfires, with the government budgeting nearly a third of a billion euros for immediate relief. The cost of the damage was expected to be much higher
  3. During those three days, more land was burned in Greece than during all of 2000, which had been the worst year recorded by the EU's fire information service
  4. A prosecutor on Monday ordered an investigation into whether arson could come under Greece's anti-terrorism and organized crime laws.
  5. On Saturday, Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis said it could not be coincidence that so many fires broke out simultaneously in so many areas.
  6. In the past, unscrupulous land developers have been blamed for setting fires in an attempt to circumvent laws that do not allow construction on forest land
32 070829 htm USAToday Leaders Face Criticism Greek Fires
  1. "Burn him," she said. "Or give him to people whose homes have been burned, and they can decide what to do with him."[RSB: Taking law into own hands.]
  2. Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis' government offered no evidence to back its claim of an orchestrated arson campaign by terrorists — what Public Order Minister Vyron Polydoras termed an "asymmetrical threat."
  3. Nikos Charalambidis, director of Greenpeace Greece, estimated that about 500,000 acres — about 1% of the country or about half the size of Rhode Island — have burned since the fires broke out.
  4. Yiannis Ragoussis, spokesman for the Socialists, accused the government of "trying to create a Sept. 11-type of climate" to avoid defeat next month.
  5. In an editorial, the daily newspaper Eleftherotypia accused Greek officials of fabricating the terror threat.
  6. The government planned to give firefighters bonuses of $3,416.
33 070901 htm
USAToday Fuel Western Fires Invasive Plants
  1. A winter annual, it matures weeks before native plants. Farmers and ranchers named it because it "cheats" crops out of water and soil nutrients.
  2. Unchecked, cheatgrass carpets the sagebrush plain with hundreds of thousands of plants per acre. By early summer, the plants dry into explosive kindling, easily lit by lightning, a dropped match or a hot muffler. Cheatgrass fires burn hotter, faster and more intense than range fires of native perennials that need years of reseeding and care to return. By then, cheatgrass has taken over and set the stage for new fires within three to five years.
  3. The two studies by federal Agriculture Department scientists and researchers at Brown University note that cheatgrass thrives on carbon dioxide, the most abundant of the greenhouse gases that scientists say are causing climate change.
34 070928 htm
USAToday North Slope Tundra Still Burning
  1. Alaska's largest wildfire of the year is now also the biggest tundra fire ever recorded on the North Slope
35 071001 htm
USAToday Burn More Aggressively Wildfires Risks Gnaw At Fire Fighters
  1. Fueled by drought and development, wildfires in the West are getting bigger and more aggressive, creating conditions so dangerous that fire bosses are increasingly reluctant to risk lives saving houses — particularly if the owners have done nothing to protect their property.
  2. Firefighter deaths over the past decade are averaging around 18 a year, up from 6.6 during the 1930s, according to Forest Service statistics. Last year's death toll was two dozen, double the number in 2005.
36 071023 htm
(Appended) Oakland Tribune: U.S. needs to keep fire tanker funding ... Source: OaklandTribune
  1. U.S. needs to keep fire tanker funding
37 071025 htm
USAToday Texas bracing for likelihood of winter wildfires
  1. This year's heavy downpours sprouted a thicker growth of trees, bushes and grasses across the state — all of which could quickly turn into a plentiful supply of wildfire fuel.
  2. The wildfire threat worsens after the season's first grass-killing frost
38 080319 htm
USAToday At Least500 People Flee25000 Acre Fire In Texas
  1. A wildfire blamed on a fallen power line
39 080417 htm
Reuters Wild Fires Likely To Spread Due To Global Warming
  1. Wild fires are likely to be bigger, more frequent and burn for longer as the world gets hotter, in turn speeding up global warming to create a dangerous vicious circle
  2. fires will increase and could spread to previously fire-free parts of the world as the climate changes.
  3. "An increase in fire may be the greatest early impact of climate change on forests,"
  4. "Our forests are more likely to become a victim of climate change than a savior,"
  5. global warming will cause more fires which as they burn contribute to global warming by producing greenhouse gases.
  6. Scientists already estimate that Canadian wild fires will double in area by the end of the century and that the fire season will be longer.
40 080623 htm USAToday Unprecedented Lightning Sparks800 Plus Wildfires In Calif
  1. Firefighters from neighboring states arrived to help Monday after an "unprecedented" lightning storm sparked more than 800 wildfires, from Big Sur to wine country to Humboldt County.
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41 080630 jpg
NasaGov Canada_ A M O080630 Nasa Gov
42 080630 jpg
NASAgov Russian Fires080630 N A S Agov
43 080701 htm
USAToday Doctors Visits Spike From Wild Fires
  1. California's raging wildfires have created a smoky haze so stifling that doctors in the state's landlocked farm country say their waiting rooms have been crowding with patients struggling to breathe amid the soot-laden air.
  2. "Air quality is the wrong word. There is no quality,"
44 080706 htm
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  2. . . .
45 080716 jpg
NasaGov Argentina_ A M O_080716 Nasa Gov
46 080717 htm WashPost Views Fire Devastation In North Calif-Bush
  1. More than 2,000 fires in California have consumed more than 1,300 square miles since June 21 -- making it the largest combined fire event in state history
  2. After the wildfires visit, Bush attended a GOP fundraiser in Napa, Calif.
47 080805 htm
USAToday More Fires From Lightning Storms
  1. The blaze, which was started July 25 by a target shooter,
48 080806 htm
USAToday Major Colorado Wild Fire Only Matter Of Time-Lawmakers
  1. Lawmakers warned Tuesday that it's only a question of time before a major wildfire strikes Colorado's beetle-ravaged trees on the Western Slope
  2. ess than half the communities in the state are prepared for a major wildfire after pine beetles destroyed 1.5 million acres of lodgepole pine.
  3. Foresters expect up to 90% of the lodgepole pine forest to die over the next five years.
49 081014 htm
WashPost No title found w/scanfile
  1. Powerful gusts stoked three major wildfires in Southern California early Tuesday that have charred nearly 12,000 acres, destroyed dozens of homes and forced thousands of people to evacuate neighborhoods in suburban Los Angeles and northern San Diego County.
50 081014 htm
WashPost Calif. Wildfires Continue to Rage
  1. Wind-whipped wildfires continued to burn through Southern California on Tuesday
  2. It cost California almost half a million dollars to fight fires last year that burned nearly a million acres.
## YYMMDD ext Source Title and Notes (if any) *Title from filename
51 081116 htm
WashPost Tens of Thousands Flee Homes as Fires Rage in Southern California
  1. Hundreds of houses were destroyed by the blaze, including about 500 in a mobile home park.
52 081202 htm
USAToday Dry Conditions Could Fuel Fires In South
  1. Wildfires have burned more than 2.3 million acres across the South so far this year, and the region has accounted for more than half the fires reported across the country
  2. The Southern fire season can begin as early as January, with its peak typically in March and April
  3. The Evans Road Fire burned more than 62 square miles in eastern North Ca
53 090207 htm
USAToday Deadliest Ever Aussie Wildfires Kill130-
  1. The deadliest wildfires in Australia's history burned people in their homes and cars and wiped out entire towns
  2. Blazes have been burning for weeks in the southeastern state of Victoria but turned deadly Saturday when searing temperatures and wind blasts created a firestorm that swept across a swath of the region
  3. "It does appear that people have been taken by surprise by how fast this fire has come,"
54 090209 htm
Time Why Global Warming May Be Fueling Australia's Fires -
  1. The raging infernos that have left more than 160 people dead in southern Australia burned with such speed that they resembled less a wildfire than a massive aerial bombing.
  2. Many victims caught in the blazes had no time to escape; their houses disintegrated around them, and they burned to death
  3. warned that fires in Australia were "virtually certain to increase in intensity and frequency"
  4. Destructive wildfires are already common in Australia, and it's not hard to see why climate change would increase their frequency.
  5. The driest inhabited continent on the planet, Australia has warmed 0.9°C since 1950, and climate models predict the country could warm further by 2070, up to 5°C over 1990 temperatures, if global greenhouse-gas emissions go unchecked.
  6. Beyond a simple rise in average temperatures, climate change will also lead to an increase in Australia's extreme heat waves and droughts.
  7. Climate change will continue to be a threat multiplier for forest fires.
  8. The wildfires in southern Australia are already the worst in the nation's history — but they surely won't be the last.
55 090815 htm
WashPost California declares emergency as wildfires spread
  1. "As the brush ignites, it's like a fireworks explosion, and the sparks rain down where the ranch houses are,"

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