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Economic Bloodshed

If I give you a gun does it make you
a murderer or a protector?

Depends. Depends on what you do with it.

Likewise, if I give you the symbols of capitalism (stocks, bonds, currency and land), does it make you a capitalist? Depends. If you close down production and cause unemployment then you are a Decapitalist, for you have decapitalized production and decapitated employment. As a decapitalist, you are guilty of economic bloodshed.

Economic schools of thought are bankrupt. Nothing better empitomizes this than the titanic collapse of the the Long-Term Capital Hedge fund that had three Nobel Economic Laurelists as founders and directors. The bankruptcy derives from the gap in currencies upon which their derivative speculations are based. Would they have created a hedge fund if there was not a gap between symbols and substance of our time? Probably.

Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil.
Mohandas Gandhi

Most economists are greedy intellectual streetwalkers. Will they try to end the disparity of currencies that allows currency vampires, sucking the economic blood out of developing countries? No, they are no different than the street thug who knows his robbery is wrong but "that is where the money is." Better democracy and capitalism is needed to curtail the currency corrupters.

So called hot currency is best understood as blood collected in a bloodbank. Unfortunately, our economic bloodbanks of currency have the option of recalling all the blood on dema nd without concern to your health. What happens to a body (human or national) when the bloodbank takes back the 20 quarts it deposited during surgery? For a six quart human you are a  fourteen quart debted dead corpse. For economic units, national or family, just a little too much economic bloodletting causes collapse.

How could Long Term Capital almost collapse the world's financial system over night? The best analogy is the oil in your car? When you park your car at night, you don't need the oil in the system. You could drain it and lend it to someone who drives at night. The person returns the oil when you need to drive your car during the day. Likewise with currency: it lubricates and oils an economy.

When a bank closes at the end of a business day, it can't make any local loans nor can anyone withdraw money until it opens the next day. So while banks are closed, they lend their money on the world market with the expectation that the money will return in the morning to fund expected withdrawals and loans.

But what happens when your friend wrecks his car and the crankcase bursts, spilling the oil all over the accident scene? Your personal economy ceases. That is what happened to Long Term Capital. It's high risk ride ended in a wreck that almost collapsed the world financial system as Long Term Capital drained needed lubricant from the world's economy.

What hope does humanity have to resuscitate the ailing, anemic world currencies when one realize the ominous implications of the three Nobel Laureates at the center of Long Term Capital chaos? Not economists. Or, is it another case of politics polluting good policy making? Theft is theft. Used to be that you stole in progression: Buy a gun, a lawyer, a computer, and then a politician. Now you buy a politician and a Nobel Econom ist.

Global economic chaos and the resulting social/political collapse cannot be prevented by the false prophets of capitalism who are behind the false profits of decapitalism.

Currency is the blood of an economy. No blood. No Economy. Hoarding stops economic activity. Cheap money makes an economy anemic. Currency speculators are economic vampires draining the life from the world's economies. These decapitalists attack the frailest economies under the sheepskin of capitalism. In a zero sum world, a non-producing person cannot have a gain in wealth without taking that gain from the working people or countries who actually produce the wealth.

Decapitalists misuse the word profit which literally means "forward or better being"–pro esse. Profits only exist when all the participants in an economic transaction gain and go forward. In a zero sum world, currency speculators may have more wealth as they drain the life from economies, but they do not have profits.

Decapitalists have legal theft due to the incompetence and corruptness of economic and political theorists. As a robber with a gun does not have a profit from his victim, nor does a decapitalistic speculator have a profit: His wealth gains while the victims' wealth drain. Like blood-letting physicians, decapitalists kill their patients by taking too much economic blood.

No country is immune from inevitable social and political bloodshed of this economic leukemia. The height of decapitalistic absurdity is when the world's leading financial daily publishes an editorial by the world's leading decapitalist as the Wall Street Journal did.

An old saying applies to the impact of decapitalism in the world market: One can steal more with a briefcase than with a gun. What the Soviet Union could not achieve in decades with vast armaments, the world's leading decapitalist is achieving in a few years with a briefcase full of intellectually corrupt semantic slippage. How ironic that the PR of this decapitalist proclaims his acheivements in the face of communism persecution when he has persecuted more people than Stalin's Gulags.

Capital crimes can be done with a gun or a computer. Enslavement to poverty can be done with corrupt courts or corrupt ideas. The charitable activities of a decapitalist are like the neighborhood drug dealer buying cheap tennis shoes for the children of the wacked out parents that he impoverished with his drug dealings.

Decapitalism is an intellectual weapon for the battles in which so-called capitalists defend their legal thievery with the statement, "Well, what do want, communism or socialism instead capitalism?" Decapitalists are not capitalists any more than street muggers are saints. One steals with a gun. The worst steal with computers, lawyers, politicians and economists.  Sadly, many of the media darlings and corporate icons (Gates, Welch, and Greenspan) are decapitalists .

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Wall Street is to capitalism like Social Security is to pensions. Both bureaucracies dilute the worker's wealth.1


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