Better Democracy and Capitalism
A Timistic Vision of Humanity for the New Millennium

The Ideological Battle to Define Capitalism:

Cap or Decap?

Capitalism, as a term, has as many definitions as people who want to use it justify their business practices. In general, capitalism has been elevated as the golden goal of humanity. Afterall, its 20th Century antithesis, communism, has been relegated to the dustbins of history.

But capitalism does not lack its distractors. Nor should one assume that the failure of its biggest distractor automatically makes self-proclaimed capitalists a bunch of innocent water-walkers. A rapist killing his competitor does not change the plight of the victim.The biggest problem with capitalism is the diversity in definitions and qualifications, e.g., global capitalism, state capitalism, and market capitalism.

Does this writer really have an actual bias against capitalism? No. Capitalism is good. Child care is good. Perverted child care is not good. Perverted capitalism is not good.

In reading the following train of thought, asked yourself what kind of world do you want? Do you want a world that is safer and saner with more time and money for self, family and community? If so, do you want a definition of capitalism

  • that fosters a wild-west, rule-of-the-jungle economy

  • in which the only criterion is who makes the most money the fastest

  • regardless of whether money comes from solving or causing problems, from creating or stealing?

The ideological  battle for the soul of capitalism is your future and your children's future.  A brainbee has been created for this battle in the keynote concepts.

A number of simple assumptions, conclusions and goals can readily define what is and isn't capitalism.

  1. Is it better to hold a word to a singular meaning or allow semantic slippage to produce numerous definitions that are mutually contradictory, e.g., Inflation: An Inflated Word. The latter allows and encourages dishonest conversation, to wit, words don't lie but liars use words.
    Capitalism is used to describe different uses of stocks and bonds. Clearly, the use to capitalize production and increase employment is different than buying up a company and dismembering it to cause unemployment.
  2. If a word is to have a narrow definition, should it based on its origin or non-origin? The former maintains more semantic honesty than the latter which is simply semantic slippage.
    The origin of Capitalism is Latin, capita, which means "from or of the head."
  3. If the word is found to have evolved antithetical meanings, shouldn't new terms be coined to capture and maintain the evolved difference?
    Capital originated to describe the trading of symbols of ownership by bartenders. (Because they broached or broke the kegs for drinking, they were known as brokers.) The first instances of capitalism was the creation or capitalizing of new production or enterprises through joint ownership symbolized by stocks, bonds, currency or titles. Is this the same as using these symbols to buy a company, sell off its access and cause unemployment? No. Shouldn't we have a term for this? What and Why? What is a good antithetical word for capitalism?
  4. How can Timism be used to determine if a word has mutually exclusion meanings?
    A farmer or doctor creates or saves time while a robber or murderer waste time. Likewise, the word capitalism is used to describe activities that
    • increase the quantity and quality of human time by capitalizing productivity gains for all the people who are involved, and, oppositely, (farmers/doctors)
    • decrease the quantity and quality of human for some of the participants while benefitting the others. (robbers/murderers).
      What kind of capitalistic world do you want to live in? The former or the latter?
  5. What would be a good term to juxtapose against capitalism based on the loss of time? Decapitalism. This word conveys the flavor of the ultimate loss of tiime, that is, life, especially if one is decapitated. And, is not unemployment from the decapitation of employment, i.e., taking heads away.
  6. Capitalism, as a term, should be restricted to human transactions which increase the time of all heads (capita). Timistically, capitalism exist when the activity increases the quality and quantity of time. Decapitalism is the opposite: it decreases time for one or all of the participants. War represents the latter.
  7. As a corrolary to restricting the use of profit to its Latin, and timistic roots: pro esse, that is, forward existence or time. If one is to avoid semantic dishonesty, usually for financial greed, one is restricted to using the word "profit" only when all the participants in a transaction gain time, that is, go forward. Capitalism and profits go hand in hand? What goes hand in hand with decapitalism? The next point reveals the partner.
  8. As often asked, "If I give you a gun, does it make you a murderer or protector?" Depends. Depends on what you do with it? A capitalist uses a gun or stocks to protect and help people. A decapitalist harms and hurts people by robbing them of the time, either directly or indirectly. A gun-toting decapitalist takes time if he bodily kills or harms you. A briefcase-toting, laptop-toting, lawyer-toting, politician-toting and/or economist-toting decapitalist robs you of your time if he steals your time through the symbols of capital: stocks, bonds, currrency or land. This decapitalistic theft also occurs if the market mechanics force people from fear to abandon productive, capitalistic activities (parenting,  teaching, medicine, military and eldercare) to gamble on stock prices as a vocation or advocation. Decapitalism's partner? Time losses.
  9. Decapitalism: Theft by any name. Regardless of whether it is legal or not, whether done with a gun or a pol, decapitalism robs others of their time.
  10. Wall Street: An inflationary bubble. The real inflationary bubble of Wall Street is the havoc wreaked on Main Street America. The decapitalistic lure of quick riches robs many occupation of quality time: parenting, teaching, military and medicine. The financial bonanza for a few relative to the many fuels the existential meltdown. Each dollar gained on Wall Street represents many dollars lost in homes, schools, hospitals and security. Of course, we are busy, but what are busy at? Are we creating the real substance of existence (lifehours) or merely multiplying the symbols of time?
  11. Meaning for Wall Street of on-line democracy and capitalism: At a certain point, enough Americans will realize the primary decapitalistic nature of Wall Street as presently configured. This awareness will come sooner as a result of 24-hour trading. If the captains of Wall Street want to delay the end of decapitalism, they should be shortening rather than lengthening the hours. The irritating wound of decapitalism upon our economic and social body will be widely understood when it is allowed to become gangrenous.
  12. When 1,000,000, maybe sooner, people have signed up as supporters of on-line democracy and capitalism, a simple timistic solution will be offered on how to make Wall Street 100% capitalistic in a short time while re-invigorating basic industries with an massive influx of former financial geniuses.

If you are a decapitalist robbing tons of money through legal but illogical and immoral financial transactions, don't worry, your intelligence will make you more time and money in a purely capitalistic world.

What do you call a currency that co-exists with pure capitalism, that is, business transactions that increase the quality and quantity of human time? The Lifehour!

In summary, capitalism exists when a transaction creates or saves time. Decapitalism robs humanity of time.

If you have questions or comments, you can democratize them at On-Line Forum as well as review others' input.

If you are a current supporter of Democratic Capitalism and agree with the following, please submit for your lifehour tax credits.

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