Who Is Colored?

One area of unclarity is what to call the noticeable and probable American descendents of Africans. In general, the general names of  "colored" and "black" are as illogical and irrational as the racism fueling the economic, social and political discrimination against "those people" or "you people."

Quite simply, inasmuch as black is the absence of all color and white is the presence of all colors (white light going into a prism yields the rainbow of all colors) then the real colored people have always then the white people. Another perspective on this contradiction is the following anonymous ditty.

When I was born
I was black
When I grew up
I was black
When I go out in
The sun
I am Black
But you!
When you were born
You were pink
When you grow up
You are white
When you get sick
You are green
When you go out in
The sun
You are red
When you get cold
You are blue
And when you die
You are purple
And you call me

Quite simply, as noted elsewhere, better terms are chocolate and vanilla than the terms weighted with historical anger and hate, blacks and whites.

Quite simply, as noted elsewhere, all humanity evolved out of Africian blacks. Whities are merely washed out darkies. 'Links From' Pages linking to this page: ( )No IndexDir ... Refs General ... !RefsRvu ... !Dir.nts) InfoLinks (05-22-2015@07:28) Linkstat:LinksFrom2Table
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