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Chocolatism: Chocolate People

Since the 2008 Presidential election, repeatedly and often I have said to others, "I am a Vanilla person who is happy and proud to have a Chocolate family in America's White House."

"Blacks" and "Whites" has too much historical baggage that elicits kneejerk mental reactions which close down minds. Mental blocks arise as a person's conscious or unconscious hidden igknowance fills the person's mind. On the other hand, consider superioriority of chocolate as a descriptive and affable term. Much better than "colored."

  1. Chocolate comes in all shades from passable bright white chocolate to coal-black, ebony rich dark chocolate.

  2. Chocolate people are like chocolate in flavors, from sweet to bitter.

  3. Chocolate people can be as common as Hershey or as expensive of Godiva.

Chocolate people compared to vanilla people is analogous to the varieties of red wines to white wines.

  1. Red wines have far greater varieties than white wines. While some whites say that all blacks look alike, a truer truth is what chocolate people say of the vanillas: "All whites look alike." (A spectroanalysis of the skin hues of 1000 blacks and 1000 whites will show this to be true.) The diversity of chocolate people reflects the genetic heritage or genetic democracy from uninvited animal husbandry. The Middle Passage and slave existence speeded up the natural selection process, winnowing the genetically weak.

  2. Red wines have longer staying power, that is, long after white wines have become sour vinegar, the shelf life of a red wine is still living--when they auction off century old wines, the wine is red, not white. Due to the greater genetic diversity of chocolate people, they have a greater shelf life than white people ... all factors being equal. Should humanity survive global dying, the New World's chocolate people will probably still be around while the majority of vanilla people will have gone the way of the genetically inferior Neanderthals.

Sadly, my hope for his success has declined as his vision was merely a teleprompter full of empty promises written by spinmasters. I regret with each new necrotic policy my campaign contribution to his election. I wonder if my placard at rallies "Obama Hath Karma" contributed to his messianic complex. After Obama, apathy will become a defensive means for many as a result of his dishonesty in promising one thing while doing another. This is especially true of the young. Unfortunately, apathy in the face of global dying is suicide.

For Obama to say so much with so little signifies a person living beyond their means. The dynamics of means and meaninglessness is a person will become mean based on the extent of the disparity. Obama will become the meanest president in U.S. history as his calm control meets the immovable truth of his nothingness.

But, I still like having a black man or a half-black man in the White House. If he fails, it is not that he has a better tan than most Americans. Rather, he will fail because he did not know the problems, in part, because he thinks he is God's gift to humanity. And, he believes what he reads on a teleliar.


  1. 110731 "People of color"--so dry, so didactic, so sterile, so distant, so offensive, so clinical, so artificial (so wrong--black is the lack of color). But "chocolate people"--so warm, so appealing, so attractive, so universal, so diverse, so inclusive.
  2. 120318 Tentative Launch Email content
    Chocolate versus Vanilla People:
    Please join me in condemning to the dustbins of history the prejudicial and prejorative terms of Blacks versus White. "Blacks" is the socially acceptable substitute for the traditionally banned N-word or the phrase "those people." As words, both Blacks and Whites have too much historical baggage to be optimally useful in discussing and resolving racial issues. Both words trigger gut-reactions and mind-blocks to clear thinking. Better are the words Chocolate and Vanilla. Forget about "Colored People" which is example of gross semantic slippage, a contradiction like professional sports.--see Who is Colored?. Consider why "Chocolate" is better. Chocolate people, examples of genetic democracy from political and economic despotism, come in a whole range of shades from passable white chocolate to darkest, coal-black black. And, like variations of cacao bean products, chocolate people come in varities from sweetest sweet to bitterest bitter. Some are good for cooking. Some are good for after-dinner snacks. Some go bad if ignored. So in the never ending circular search for an apt phrase for whatever you have called the aforementioned demographic groups, please consider using chocolate and vanilla. By so doing, you will tell yourself and your audience that you want a positive venue rather than historic anchors to raise rather lower the conversation on race. Then, you like me, may say as I have said since Election Day 2008, "I am a vanilla person happy and proud to have a chocolate family in America's White House."

  3. 120510 Tavis Smiley. An FTP invitation is offered to him for him to offer his feedback on the idea of jettisoning many of the past attempts to label the segment of humanity herein referred to as Chocolate persons.
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