Senate Simplification

With the development of citizen legislation and commission to tap the intelligence and needs of the concerned citizens who live with and suffer from the problems, the need, cost and burden of two Senators per state is no longer necessary. These internet tools amount to better "re-presentative" government, for the people are allowed to present, re-present and re-present until the one-term elected official re-presents the legislation to the congress of other re-presentatives for their re-presenting it a new law of the land.

With term limits and the need for continuity, the existing principle of electing a part of senate each election should be extended to electing one senator every six weeks so that every 300 weeks (six years), a new senate is elected of the people, by the people and for the people.

By electing one-third of the Senators every two years, America suffers election year jerks in the economy as the habitual politicians pack the legislation with political pork. With zero-cost, zero-corruption primaries using on-line brain bees, the election jerks in the economy can be ended.

Fears of an on-going election climate are straw horses and red herrings. America will save billions when Senators vote for the laws under which they live within six years. America will have better pensions when the politicians have to retire with the same pensions.


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