Citizen Legislation is dedicated to John Berry, my first friend. In March, 2007, he died from self-immolation protesting the Iraq invasion by the Bush administration. If I had not been tardy in launching the tools of timism for better democracy, perhaps he would have found a tool useful and rewarding in sharing his insights and solutions to our common problems. As was, with no viable, productive outlet for his strongly held positions--some silly and foolish among his worthy insights--his sense of futility drove him to a senseless waste of his life.

As global dying accelerates, there will be many more John Berry's who see no doorways of hope as the walls close in. There, but for the grace of God, go many a tenuous soul. As the tools of timism would have given John a lifeline so can these tools polish your anger and apathy into lifeboats of survival.

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Citizen Legislation via Brainbees

For self-preservation, we need self-presentation
with re-presentation in government.

Good, average citizens need a simple way to submit meaningful laws to solve our problems without the CO2 sinning of massive referendum drives, without becoming habitual politicians and without becoming corrupting lobbyists. We need citizen legislation. With brainbees, the average person can submit an idea with its merit being decided by other concerned citizens. This is how it will work.

Through the internet we can have monthly or weekly prioritization of problems of, by and for the people. The seven final issues (problem definitions and solutions) will be emailed to the President, Governor or Mayor for submission to our national, state and local legislative bodies. It is important to note that citizen legislation through scheduled brainbees does not change the three branches of government:

  1. The citizen legislation is automatically emailed to the chief presider of a political unit with the requirement that he submit the citizens' issue to the the legislative body ... or, explain why not.
  2. The legislative body has the same, traditional duty of legitimizing or rejecting submissions ... with the requirement that they vote within  seven (7) days on the citizen legislation submitted by the chief presider.
  3. The related court system still has the right and duty to rule constitutionality if the legislation is wrong.

Citizen legislation of, by, for and from the people is not to replace our government but to complement, enhance and integrify the law-process to solve our problems.

If America and Humanity had a internet pipeline of citizen legislation, problems would be solved much faster for two reasons.

  1. The habitual politicians are out of touch with everyday life. Like all of us, they only have so much problem-solving time and emotions each day. Because the money game forces them to raise re-election money every day (the average Senator must raise $10,000 a day for 6 years to have a re-election campaign chest of $20 million), they listen first and foremost to people with big money. That is not the average citizen who lives with and suffers from the problems that are killing society and humanity. Why do we suffer? The habitual politicians aren't and can't listen. On-line Presidential Citizen Legislation will tap the intelligence of the concerned citizen who lives with and suffers from the problems.
  2. Legislation/Legitimizer: We need an additional separation of powers within Congress. Currently, the habitual politicians are both the law proposers and law makers, that is, legislators and legitimizers. As summarized in Mark Twain's observation, "We have the best Congress that money can buy," we need the means to checkmate when the elected officials abuse their privilege of being both legislator and legitimizer. Through a citizen legislative pipeline, we an have a vehicle to redress the frequent abuses of office by habitual politicians.

To motivate and reward participation, individuals not only get a fair and level field for a democratic prioritization of their submissions but tentative tax credits are proposed based on the success of one's submissions. Not only should the internet be used to tap the intelligence of the American people but the time-savings value should be rewarded in a monetary unit--lifehours.

Citizen legislation is a great idea if enough people participate. If  the seven final brainbee winners are emailed to the White House, it means more if the submission base was 1,000,000 rather than just seven people. If enough people don't see the benefits of enhancing our public law-making with citizen legislation, it is just another form of useless spam with legislators responding like they do to all consitutent correspondence without the weight of numbers. If you want to bring about the benefit of better democracy and capitalism through citizen legislation, take some time to sign up self, friends and family.

All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill unemployed taxpayers
with no security, healthcare and retirement

I support Citizen Legislation for laws
of, by and for the people.

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