Bitcoin Comparison to Lifehour

A dog by another name is still a dog.

You say potayto and I say potahto.

In 2013, the mediacs and mediots are once again ballyhooing another false economic god. Remember when they hailed the "new economy" where the old rules no longer applied? Which new economy? The new real estate market ... bubble 2007? The internet ... bubble in early 2000's. The Savings and Loan money machine ... bubble 1980's. The Roaring 20's ... bubble 1929.

Bitcoin is another inflationary bubble in the making thanks to the mediacs and mediots. It is a symbol of no substance. Like the stocks in the de facto bankrupt Twitter IPO there is no real wealth behind its creation. Like bastard stock options and Federal Reserve Notes, its value is only in the eyes of the beholder or besotted. Once the average John Doe realizes that bitcoins are manipulated by a few for the few then it will go the way of Continental and Confederate Dollars.

Lifehours, on the other hand, come into existence as symbols of real problem-solving capturing the time created by the substance of solving a problem. Bitcoins have been used for drug-dealing among other illegal activities.

Like habitual politicians, when mediacs and mediots stop getting a free ride for igknowance and dishonesty under the claim of political and press freedom, then we will truely have freedom of and from the press.

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