Mass Mediacs

Distracting Us To Death Instead of Educating Us To Live

One often hears member of mass communication become defensive when a citizen raises the question of media responsibility in the decline of existence. The common refrain is that "You aren't blaming the media, are you?" which is well practiced by Katie Corrupt. Part of the defense is that the media operates in a free market that gives people what they want. As expanded upon elsewhere, most contemporary free markets are really slave markets and satisfying a want at the expense of fulfilling a need is a cancerous action.

Like habitual politicians, the members of mass media have a double standards, saying one thing but doing another. On the one hand, like pedophiliac members of congress and clergy, mediacs pontificate on the high achievements of mass communications. Quick are the references to Thomas Paine or Elijah Lovejoy. These achievements are rarer and rarer these days. On the other hand, the obvious misuse of mass media for obvious and hidden political agendas on the public airwaves have become a tidal wave since the speech where Edward R. Murrow said money was corrupting the power of television to educate and enlighten the masses. His investigative reporting was being curtailed because the investigations often led to the corporations defunding advertising.

Whereas mediots are idiots most of the time, mediacs are idiots 100% of the time as pied pipers on idiotic shows: game shows, reality shows, sports shows, religious shows, etc. On religious shows, viewers are encouraged to be evilutionists , igknowamuses, doodoo digesters, funny mentalists  and cretins.

Both mediacs and mediots will get their cumuperance as the existential meltdown that they facilitated burns down their future.

How odd that those professionally trained and paid in mass communication choose settings and pacing that distract the viewer/listener and dilute/confuse the message.

Also see Hollywood

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