The lifehour is both a concept and a reality

  1. Concept: The real value of anything is its time value which is capture in the mundane "time is money ... money is time" as well as the origin of currency "what is your time currently worth."
    1. Time value is simple to calculate by measuring the time-wasted by a problem and time-needed to solve the problem. The difference, if not a loss, is fulfills the Latin origin of "profit"--pro esse, forward existence or time.
    2. The real value of a nation's currency is not the gambling or gaming of speculators but the time cost of living divided into the 24 hours of a day. The time cost is the time that must be spent on acquiring the necessities for life. Thus, regardless of funny number on funny paper, of artificial political boundaries and of different centuries, the person whose time cost is two hours lives in a richer economy than the person who must work sixteen hours. The former's lifehour value is 12 (24/2) while the latter is 1.5 (24/16).
    3. The basis of trade between economic units should be lifehours rather than artificially manipulated funny paper. If so done, trade wars would be a thing of the past as well as trafficking in human bodies.
    4. Interestingly, the Latin root of profit is the same as pride and proud. One does not have a true profit nor has pride if all the participants in an economic transaction does not go forward proportional to their contribution to the time value of the transaction. Optimal economic growth comes from optimal time or profit-sharing in the time created by solving a problem--50/50, the golden mean between extremes.
  2. Reality
    1. To promote public awareness and eventual implementation of a new global currency system, end-user interaction is rewarded with lifehour credits--see receipt samples on reality and viability of this shovel-ready reform tool.
      1. Brainbees: At each level, lifehours are awarded to one's account based on the level--1,2,3,4,5.
        1. If one's citizen legislation receives a 50% vote in the final tally, one lifehours are doubled.
        2. If the the presiding CEO (president, governor, mayor) submits the legislation, the lifehour reward is doubled.
        3. If the legislative body enacts the law proposals, the lifehour reward is doubled regardless of enventual court ruling on constitutionality.
        4. As such brainbee lifehour rewards are a finder's fee for a person helping to define and solve a problem that cost the tax-paying public.
      2. Signup
        1. When one signs up, one earns five lifehours for one's account
        2. When one recruits another, one receives either one (institution) or five (individual) lifehour(s)
      3. Volunteer work (via Super Brainbee)
        1. Flyer distribution
        2. Community service
      4. Tax credits: With brainbees powering zero-cost primaries, the replacement of habitual politic
    2. Summary: Both the dollar and monetarism are dying. The latter is a cancer unto itself. A replacement system is needed--see Farage Nagel. All of the proposed replacements (Bitcoins) are no different than the proposals for gold based currency. Lifehours are like frequent flyer miles: As more people have them then more people will see lifehours as the viable replacement for international usury that is killing economies.

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