Levels of Lifehours

By level lifehours, it is meant the hours of life it takes to acquire the necessities of life to live.

  1. At the individual level, it might take a smarter or harder worker half the time to acquire the necessities of life. The numeric value of a lifehour is the number of needed hours of life divided into the 24 hours of a day. The smarter, harder worker who requires only two hours versus four hours has a lifehour value of 12 where as the dumber, lazier worker has a lifehour value of six. If the latter wanted to buy something from the former, he would have to give two of his lifehours for each of the former's lifehours. We see this relationship when the average worker pays several times his hourly wages for an hour of time from a doctor. This a simple, logical, objective AR/AP procedure on Mother Nature's books of accounting which when not observed leads to
    1. under-payment/over-payment,
    2. wage-losers/wage-takers,
    3. slaves/masters,
    4. inflation/inflation, and
    5. cannon fodder/super patriots.
  2. At the family level, the familiar lifehour is the average of the member's individual lifehour levels. A newborn baby which cannot survive by itself has a lifehour value of zero. For family members who do not work, the other members must work more unless the family foolish engages in being wage-takers
    1. robbers
    2. thieves
    3. welfare and
    4. wealthfare.
  3. At the community or national lifehour value is the average of the individual lifehours.
    1. A nation that breeds big litters of offsprings beginning at puberty will have a lower lifehour value than a nation that limits littering to one child per family after the age of thirty.
    2. A nation that discourages learning the work ethic by championing the play ethic will have a lower lifehour value, for spending time in non-essential things is not lifehour worktime. For instance, if tomorrow we were told to all become basketball, baseball, or football players--as has been the political mantra in legislation--we would have the same lifehour value as a newborn baby.
    3. A nation that legalizes tax supports for lotteries, slots, Las Vegas and Wall Street is lowering its lifehour value, that is, the value of life per hour of clock time. Can the average person, state or nation gamble its way to prosperity? Only a salesman of gambling paraphenelia would say yes.
    4. On Mother Nature's books, the cost of humanity has two parts, that is, the cost of needs and the cost of wants. When a nation over-subsidizes the economics of wants, life's necessities are short-changed with their costs increasing due to relative shortages. The economics of needs verus wants can also be called the cost of living versus the cost of lying. Needs exist independent of what we say about them while wants exist because we lie to ourselves about needing them. A starving person can say they are not hungry and won't eat but the laws of body and nature will tell the truth. Likewise, a mother can say that she doesn't have money to feed children better because she must tithe her paycheck because she wants to go to heaven.

It is important to recognize that the value of a level lifehour is affected by activities in the economy and environment. If the economy or environment causes shortages of needed products then the time needed to buy necesssities increases which adjusts everyone's lifehour downward. This is better known as inflation of the cost of living which re-enforces how all inflation is a cheapening of time.

  1. If a flood washes away the drops then no matter how many hours one works in a day, there are no crops to be had.
  2. A factory worker who had a job from which it took two hours to buy life's needs has a individual lifehour value of 12 (24/2). However, if laidoff due to political and economic malfesance, his lifehour value drops to zero.
  3. A perfect storm if globally driving down the lifehour value at all levels at an accelerating rate
    1. Necrotic globalization and dysfunctional currencies are destroying local problem-solving systems as people move to where they can make more money for the same services, e.g., sex trade, plumbers, doctors, nannies, etc. Little do they realize that the influx of people causes rising prices until the initial gains are lost in rising inflation, insurance and crime rats.
    2. Global dying from accelerating greenhouse gases is causing floods and droughts that are destroying the foodchain. As every famine in history has shown, the willingness of people work all day is useless if there is no food. In famines, the individual's lifehour value is zero, that is, they have zero chance of acquiring life's necessities and zero chances of living.

Broadly, the lifehour is a measure of metabolic activity, that is, is the dynamic unit (individual, family or community) creating enough time to survive? Is it a cancer to itself and others, that is, consuming more time than it creates, e.g., politicians that let their nations that run deficits that take the time of other nations because the politicians in the other nations are taking a cut of cancerous activity. Politicians that facilitate the monetary colonizing of their nation are quislings.

With the understanding of how each level of existence from the individual to the global economy has a level lifehour value, one can assign them names accordingly within the Manheaven hierarchy: global, terra, nomina, region, stata, district, highland, element, ward, area, block and individual. Each level of lifehour upward from the individual to the global is the average lifehour value of the individuals that compose that level. In order to create a more just and equitable world that is needed to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, an economic system and currency exchange system based on level lifehours is a must! Furthermore, an automatic tax is required between the levels as goods are traded across the boundary of economic units.

If each individually is fairly and honestly rewarded for their lifevalue as a problem-solver then they will have an honest lifehour worth. Toward the goal of honest wages for an honest hour of problem-solving, Touch Tone Manager  was developed. This is another way of saying capitalism per capita as opposed to capitalism for a fewer few wherein wage-takers take from the wage-earners. If individuals are fairly paid and level lifehours are honestly calculated based on the cost of living, then the cost of government will decrease because people will focus on raising the value of their hours of life in real wealth, not funny papers with funny numbers.


  1. 100524 Echoing the universality of the timistic processes at all levels, the economic level rights established by a lifehour currency are self-similarly mirrored in political level rights to optimally, efficiency and effectively solve problems.

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