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Cost of Humanity: Living and Lying

God's accountant on earth, Mother Nature, tallies the cost of humanity. The cost of humanity is the cost in time to solve humanity's time-wasting problems. The problems can be the necessary problems to live, e.g., food. Or, the problems can be unnecessary wants. Said another way, the cost of humanity is the cost of real and unreal problems ... or cost of living or cost of lying.

Unlike life's necessities, our wants are ever changing reflecting how we are self-liars in new and changing ways. To save life on earth, the primary moral imperative, requires a reduction of our wants, wastes, and lies so the cost of humanity is minimal to Mother Nature. Otherwise, global dying will occur.

  1. The cost of living is the time required on a daily, monthly, annual or lifetime basis to acquire the necessities to live.
    1. The progress of humanity has historically, until recently, shown a decrease in the time needed for the cost of living.  As a society or civilization peaks and declines, the increase in unsolved time-wasting problems increases the time needed for the necessities of living. The cost of living increases until there is not enough time to acquire the necessities of life. Individuals and societies die.
    2. Funny numbers on funny paper are no way to honestly calculate the cost of living. Like corporate crooks who cook the books, habitual politicians and tenured necronomists have always debased the currency that they manage. Invariably, they deprivilege the life-sustaining wage-earners so as to privilege the lie-sustaining wage-takers.
    3. An honest currency is one in which the symbols of time are not divorced from the substance of time--see lifehours.
  2. The cost of lying is the cost of wants and waste based on how we lie to ourselves.
    1. Personally, the cost of lying can be seen in garages, attics, basements, backyards, side yards, front yards and rentholes. Rentholes are portable storage units or rented spaces where people store and forget the items that they just had to have when their emotions lacked logic.
    2. Publicly, the cost of lying can be seen in the careers that people want and waste: habitual players and financial bureaucrats--see cost of lying.
    3. The real cost of lying is killing life on earth. The cost of lying is an unnecessary waste of resources, i.e., CO2 sinning.
    4. The cost of lying includes the lies of insecure humans who fabricate costly, wasteful organizations to babysit their igknowant fears--see Half-Goddists, DooDoo Digesters, evilutionists, funny mentalists , illogical aliens , insanta clause , meanness, play pathos, and scumnuts .
    5. Like cutting taxes, if you want to cut your cost of living then cut out your lies and cut down your problems. Cutting taxes without solving problems worsens problems like not paying your bills while buying more wants, waste, and lies.
    6. Summary: People find it easier to lie to themselves than to question and learn, preferring beautiful lies over ugly truths.

Life is unfair in that it exacts certain necessary problems for humanity to survive: food and shelter. While life is unfair, humanity should not be unfair. Unfair inhumanity occurs each time a person spends time to solve an unreal problem based on wants, waste, or lies when they should be solving real problems--see Cruise Ship Morality.

In a world which is dying from greenhouse gasses, a person who generates CO2 in pursuing wants, wastes, and lies is killing life on earth. Those who are seeking to reverse global dying need to recognize how the evil of global dying will occur if good people don't act. People with high CO2 sinning are mean people who are living beyond the means of mother nature to support their sins.  People who don't act meaningfully to stop mean people will be meaningless. We need to legislate an end to the economics of wants, waste, and lies.

In a world which is dying from greenhouse gasses, the role of the habitual politicians in advancing rather than regressing the recovery point--the point of no return--can be seen in their " cheerlosing " the economy over the environment. Economic stimulus expands the economy of wants, waste, and lies.

Calls for more jobs when timistically analyzed reveal that they are not green jobs but groan jobs. Like feeding cancers, groan jobs worsen the globalization of inflation as more money from the economy of lies chases fewer and fewer necessary items in the economy of needs. Part and parcel to the groan jobs are the innumerable falsehopes to stop global dying by the greedy pied pipers.

As important as the quality of jobs (green or groan) is the quality of stimulus money from politicians. Good quality money and policies stimulate the economy of living. Bad quality money stimulates the economy of lying. Bad policies are examples of Saltwater Policies or Crack Cocaine Economies. The same goes for tax programs: It is not how much we collect but what we collect. If the players are not taxed then the workers must be taxed more. As play money is worthless money so is an economy worth less if it taxes favor players.

Table of Comparison

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    2. The lying values of the laws killing life on earth are necronomics.
    3. GDP measurements are useless or worse if living-lying distinctions are not separated into two separate measurements to establish a ratio and trend between the two.
  6. Happiness is greater for the liver rather than the liar. The liar has greater costs for his lies about himself and his world. The liver has an honest, functional happiness while the liar is dishonest and dysfunctional.
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  8. Hope: When people worry about living without hope, are they talking about the wants or needs of life, that is, the cost of living or the cost of lying? Hope fades when people fear to enough water, food and shelter. They get over not having a baseball, football or basketball ticket. They don't get over thirst or hunger. They die.
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  10. Inflation: Cost of living is skyrocketing when habitual politicians and tenured economists stimulate the necronomics of lies instead of the economics of living. These public policy-makers are in a hole out of which they know no exit--globalized inflation. (Also see  Inflation: Index of Writings). The deflation concern are found in the prices of the non-essentials thus being an economic red-herring which necronomists are beating to death as a media issue.
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  15. Means (Mean, Meaningless, and Meaningful): A person who lives within their means has no cost of lying in their cost of humanity to Mother Nature. In funding people living beyond their means with deficit spending, the habitual politicians have funded the economics of wants, waste and lies that are worsening our CO2 sinning that is killing life on earth.
  16. Mentalist/Materialist: The liver is a mentalist rather than a materialist.
    1. A mentalist is a material minimalist.
    2. Any politician or economist who thinks the solution to our national problems is more consumer spending is an advocator of faster death of life on earth. Advocates and enactors of more consumer spending are guilty of crimes against life on earth, especially when they champion groan jobs which they claim are green jobs.
    3. See Wasto Ergo Sum : I waste therefore I am.
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  28. Rights are associated with the cost of living while wrongs are wrought for and by the economics of wants, waste and lies. Basic needs are basic rights. No one has a right to wants which are a lie, waste, or sin.
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  33. Time cancers are universally part of the the cost of wants, waste, and lies.
  34. Wants versus Needs : A need is something that all people need to live while a want is something that is an imaginary need which everyone can live without. An example is organized religion which people lived without before the religions were fabricated and organized and which are organized in different ways in different places by different wants. People imagine they need religion which is part of the economy of wants, waste, and lies that are killing life on earth.
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To save life on earth--the primary moral imperative--a Manheaven Project is needed which will rapidly eradicate the economic costs of wants, waste, and lies. Thus human activities which are not eliminated must be retimed to optimize their solving problems.

Table of Comparison

If you don't work in necessary, cost of living businesses, you are burnt toast for one of two reasons:
  1. You will be euthanized by the MHC, or,
  2. You will resist and destroy the MHC.

In the latter case, you will be euthanized as part of the disappearance of life on earth.

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  1. One of the sad things about the living/lying distinction is how the habitual politicians consistently choose to tax the cost of living rather than our costs of lying. For instance, in the 1990's, a Virginia governor eliminated the car tax while increasing the state sales tax on food. This same governor railed against any tax on the internet which was increasingly used to avoid state sales taxes and increasingly for non-taxed pleasures, e.g., pornography. Similarly, the advance in telecommunication technology allowed people to have happy apps for their cell phones whereby they could watch game shows and sports games on handheld devices, anywhere, anytime. Taxes were not imposed on these wants. Instead, other taxes were raised, or, deficits were increased. Interestingly is how one wireless company--Verizon--started to tax on-line payments. The lesson which should be drawn is an age-old lesson: If we do not tax ourselves for time-saving technology then private monopolies will tax us by higher fees for services that cost less to produce. Verizon does not have a surcharge for paying by check and snail mail but does on internet payments: Which costs less not only in dollars but more importantly in human time?  The overall effect of a government in its laws, regulations, examples and taxes is to manage the time of the governed. If the play pathos is favored over the work ethic then people will vote with their time and money between elections to play rather than work. They will be encouraged to self-lie rather than self-live. America does not work anymore because people want to play.

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