Balancing Global, National and Local Economies:

In general, stop all theft, especially stop the theft from overpayment or unearned income and stop the theft from currency disparities.

  1. Universal payroll system for honest pay to reward honest work will balance local economies.

  2. Variety of Lifehour Accounts per capita to require people live within their means.

  3. Trade between economic units be processed through on-line lifehour exchange with taxes for imbalancing an economy.

  4. Exact taxes to prevent economic imbalance of the least productive economy. (Present monetary colonialism or slavery.), in a sense, a luxury tax.

  5. Taxes to be exacted according to the profit principle with the taxes being used to raise the lifehour (standard of living) of the lesser economy, that is, lower the cost of living in the number of hours of life.

  6. Automatic tariff

  7. Profitable taxation

Gradually, the standards of living will achieve parity. Economies with natural resources will have a naturally lower standard of living in some areas.

  1. If in 1913 at their creation, if both the FED and IRS had been structured around the lifehour, we would have a better world. As is, the world can be restrutured to have those safer and saner benefits in one to four years through 24 in 4.

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