Better Democracy and Capitalism
A Timistic Vision of Humanity
for the Third Millennium


An Ideal Currency

Uniting the Symbols and Substance of Our Time

Humanity needs a new currency without the problems of the old monies that allow various forms of theft: inflation, taxes, and speculators. The following chart summarizes the properties of an ideal currency. This summary reflects the research of several other writings.
  1. Nature: what an ideal currency should be,
  2. Worth/Wealth,
  3. Capitalism, pure and simple,
  4. Provisional: how an ideal currency can be created as a provisional currency and tax system,
  5. Barter: why a provisional ideal currency is a barter system to organize people to solve problems, and
  6. Legalized: when a provisional ideal currency will be legitimized.

Nature: An ideal currency would fulfill the meaning of currency: "What is your time currently worth." One's timely current worth is how much time one creates as a problem-solver. This is the basic, objective, absolute basis of wealth and currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries. A loaf of bread has the same time-saving, life-extending value in India, Africa, Europe and America both today and before recorded history. This basic, universal and timeless "breadbasket" of wealth is one of many common, intermediate products that an deservedly serve as an existential tripod for determining the relativity of individual wealth.This creation of time is synonmous with and fulfills the Latin meaning of "profit", pro esse--forward existence or time. An ideal, perfect currency captures this time with a unity and permanence that unites the symbol of current time with the very substance of current time--never suffering inflation. The name for a perfect, idea currency would reflect the origin of all wealth in the saving of human lifehours.

Worth/Wealth: Because the symbols of one's time has become divorced from the substance of one's time, it is possible to have more symbolic wealth (money) than one's substantial worth. This is altogether unfitting and improper considering that both wealth and worth were once synonymous in word and deed before the money-changers entered the temples of human destiny. Then the act of gathering a livelihood (legein) was simultaneously logical and legal. With the symbol/substance divorce, wealth was possible without worth as legalities defied logic before the thievery of lying politicians.

Capitalism: An ideal currency is synonymous with and mandatory for perfect capitalism, that is capitalism per capita. If individuals are fairly and accurately rewarded for using their heads (capita) to solve problems, then the symbols of the substantial problem-solving are a perfect, ideal currency. When people are allow to illegally or legally steal the time of others by guns, computers, lawyers, politicians or economists, the victims have been decapitalized of their problem-solving time, their human lifehours. When the time-savings of solving a problem are not equally divided among the problem-solvers and -sufferers, a true 100% profit is eroded. If the sufferer does not pay or the solver overcharges, one has not profits and capitalism but theft and decapitalism.

Provisional: An ideal currency can be created by a problem-suffering people by using an accounting system that records the problem-solving effort of the problem-solvers. A priori legal sponsorship is not required nor usually beneficial, for politicians have repeatedly introduced new currencies to replace currencies that have suffered hyperinflation. Without changing the reasons why the previous currency was debased--legal decapitalism--the new currency will be debased. With modern telecommunications, an on-line accounting system can be established to record and accumulate the lifehours invested by private citizens to solve public problems from the local to the global level. has this accounting system.

Barter: An ideal currency provisionally created by the problem-solvers as they organize and solve problems is nothing more than an example of the widely common barter systems. Existing barter systems range from simple, ad hoc promises between individuals to highly organized systems with tens of thousands of members transacting billions of dollars. Some originated in the 1930's. Why not a global barter system for public problem-solving grounded in the universal, absolute, and timeless basis of all recorded currencies, the human lifehour? That is what has created and is using to reward and record the contributions of individuals and businesses that support and use on-line democracy to solve human problems. Lifehours, a barter system for better democracy and capitalism.

Legalized: An ideal currency does not have to be legalized at the beginning of its life to be an ideal storehouse of human wealth. With faith in the final benefit, good parents invest time and money into raising a child. Likewise, people devote time to public and charitable good deeds in order to make a better world. Similarly, growing numbers of people can and will use the timistic barter system to record their lifehours of problem-solving. With the faith they know that one day a new group of elected public problem-solvers will not only legalize the system as the basis of currency renaissance and capitalism per capita but these public policy-makers will legalize the accumulated provisional lifehours to be amortized over a twenty-year period.

With an idea currency, we will live in a safer, saner world with fewer and fewer problems. If you have been asked to help promote better democracy and capitalism, your contributions will be recorded in lifehours and as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, so will the value of these symbols rise to the real value of their substance, the lives of you and your loved ones.

If you have questions or comments about lifehours,
you can democratize them at On-Line Forum as well as review others' input.

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