Better Democracy and Capitalism
A Timistic Vision of Humanity
for the 3rd Millennium

On-Line Leverage Buyout of Habitual Politicians
with On-Line Democracy & Capitalism:
A Prospectus

The timistic vision of humanity for the 3rd Millennium is a leverage buyout of public policy-making from the corrupt habitual politicians. Democratic Capitalism is issuing lifehour tax credits as virtual bonds to persons interested in a safer, saner world with lower taxes and shorter workweeks. The issurance of these cyber bonds are prorated to the quality and quantity of problem-solving contribution by said persons.

Currently, the body politic is controlled by a board of directors composed of habitual politicians. Their track record in corruption and fraud is without end. Half of taxes go for political fraud--an average 8 hours of labor a week.Upon the removal of these incompetent directors through

zero-cost, zero-corruption, on-line fair elections,

the new board of directors will approve the leverage buyout of politics by legitimizing the value of the lifehour bonds as tax credits, to be amortized over twenty years. Should one not have a tax liability large enough to use all of the tax credit earnings, one can apply for a tax-free refund for that year.

The projected cost of $3 billion over 20 years is 1/3 of the yearly operating cost of that house of ill-repute populated by political streetwalkers, Congress. By inexpensively tapping the concerns and consensus of the citizens who live with and suffer from the problems, the budget for Congress can be drastically cut by 50% or more. The leverage buyout costs can be be recouped in one year but will be amortized over twenty. Congress will do less law proposing as Citizen Legislation allows we, the people, to re-present ourselves as the highest form of re-presentative government--self-presentation for self-preservation. Congress will act more like a check valve as it legitimizes or rejects citizen law proposals.With better democracy, representatives will re-present and the President will preside.

The habitual politicians abuse the tax system to get re-election monies. Why don't we, the people, do the same thing to get them un-elected. That is what this leverage buyout is all about.

The precedences for this leverage buyout is the logical conclusion of the actions by the habitual politicians.

  1. If we can check off tax dollars on our income tax return for presidential elections, why not for election reform?
  2. If the habitual politicains want public financing of all elections, why not use public financing for ending the habitual politics as usual?

With Better Democracy and Capitalism, we don't have to wait for the election-addicted politicos to do the right thing. We can do it now and record our efforts for later tax compensation.

The leverage buyout cost per American per annum will be ten to fifteen cents per billion dollars. The tentative overall cost is $3 billion, or a few annual dimes for better times. The cost savings per annum within a few years from better democracy and capitalism is projected at over $1000 per American, that is, $280 billion a year. Tax savings should be 50% for tax cuts and 50% for national debt cuts. It is extremely important to realize that this tax cutting is not of the typical political vein, that is, cutting taxes without first cutting the problems that need the tax dollars. Better democracy and capitalism cuts the problems first thus eliminating the need for the taxes.

In a sense, the National Debt of $5 Trillion is money for unsolved problems. Problems which the habitual politicians would not solve were problems babysitted with money from future taxpayers. Some people say we owe the national debt to ourselves. Not true. It is owed to people like Ross Perot and Bill Gates. Through unearned tax benefits for the rich campaign contributors, the habitual politicians have increased their ownership of American's wealth from 20% to 40% in the last 20 years. Unearned income that forces higher taxes on the average American who must now work a longer workweek and worklife. The habitual politicians have indentured future generations of average Americans to be the butlers, chauffers and playthings of the tax-exempted.

The proposed $3 billion leverage buyout of corrupt politicians is a debt that we will owe ourselves unlike the national debt. Rather than babysitting problems, this money will be an investment to empower us to vote and govern from home. And, this national debt to better democracy and capitalism is only six-tenths of one percent of the National Debt owed to people who don't pay their fair share of taxes.

For political reformists, lifehours are the ulitimate, final soft money that transcends and terminates all other soft money. Many reformists will adopt the ostrich attitude of NIH--not invented here. Quite simply, all public reformists know that they really are not the best reformists. Many will not embrace a true reform system that, by its very nature, will sweep the current "public" problem-solvers aside. The true problem solvers that will step forward only when public policy making is not a political cesspool into which no good thinker can enter without becoming a stinker.

The timist sine qua non has no doubt that he can show the American people how to cut taxes by this amount when the American people (not habitual politicians and the campaign bribers) control public policy-making through on-line democracy and capitalism. With this leverage buyout, America's new board of directors will solve America's problems in the halls of Congress rather than solve the re-election problems of habitual politicians. With better democracy and capitalism, we will see an end to individual, corporate and campaign welfare.

For a safer, saner world, the ends and means are one and the same: Better Democracy and Capitalism. The primary reason for the leverage buyout and why people should participate is to significantly reduce taxes, stress, crime and workhours. Truly, we can have a 24 hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and money for self, family and community in a safer, saner world ... the timistic vision for a new millennium.

The actual awards occur on the LBO Day.

24in4 Animation

If you have questions or comments about the leverage buyout of corrupt politics, you can democratize them at On-Line Forum as well as review others' input.


This leverage buyout is a lot cheaper for the taxpayers than the leverage buyout of Ford Motor Company by the Ford family to increase their control from 6% to 40% using $10 billion in tax credits which taxpayers will have to fork over so the Ford Family can offer an above market value to shareholders who otherwise would not sell.

Media Sponsor: A media sponsor company will receive twenty million lifehour tax credit to be amortized over twenty years and to be split between the company and its employees. The tax credit is on quarterly proration at 10% for each quarter the media company ensures a continual internet connection.

Precendence for leverage buyout: Taxpayers have paid for the Republican Revolution in several ways. Republicans complain about Democrats having welfare programs. Well, what is it when you use the tax system to buy elections. Cheaper than waging a campaign.

Monthly LBO Xfr to General Lifehour account


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