Dollar is Dead as Public, Private and Personal Problem-Solving Tool Slideshow ... Monetarism Is Dead

  1. Is the dollar dying as a problem-solving tool for you?
  2. Did you lose a lot of dollars in the stock market bubble where corporate executive issue themselves stock options which they sold to you, pocketing the money in mansions and mistresses rather than jobs?
    For you, the dollar died as a private problem-solving tool.
  3. Do worry that social security will not be there to provide you the dollars you need for basic needs when you retire?
    For you, the dollar is not a retirement tool.
  4. Do find that you don't have enough dollars for basic healthcare?
    For you, the dollar has died as a personal problem-solving tool.
  5. Do you recognize that public education is declining and you don't have dollars for private education?
    The dollar is dying as tool of education.
  6. Do you fell less safe on the streets and in your home because dollars are no longer available for police and fire budgets? Yet, the rich who get unearned tax gains live in gated communities protected by private police force.
    For you, the dollar is dead as problem-solving paper for safety.
  7. Are you worried about your future falling below your previous standard of living?
    For you, the dollar is dying as your problem-solving tool?
  8. Are you willing to work but cannot find a job?
    For you, your current time is worth nothing in dollars.
  9. Currencies came into economic existence to help people to solve problems ... in different places and different times.
  10. Most people don't realize that the word "currency "comes from the expression, "What is your time currently worth?" or "What you currently worth?" These are variations of the expression, "Time is money and money is time."
  11. By having a widely accepted currency, people can accept the "current" symbol of time for their worktime or problem-solving time.
  12. A more primitive form of people exchanging their work time is bartering. Bartering is very inefficient. Would you rather have a good currency requiring no bartering or a bad currency that requires bartering?
  13. As with the origin and meaning of currency, another simple facet of currency is not appreciated. All currencies have been products of human time.
  14. Currencies are the "common intermediate product" by which producers exchange their worktime over distances in space and time.
  15. Currencies vary in their human time cost and their human time worth, substance versus symbol. The cheaper the cost of a currency, the easier it is to steal the symbols of time to own the substance of time.
    Consider the difference in cost and "thievability" of gold and paper.
  16. If currency is a cow with unique spotty features, it is a lot harder to steal a cow than if currency is magnetic spots in a computer.
  17. Why is the dollar dying as a problem-solving tool?
  18. Fewer and fewer people and almost no economists recognize and enshrine the generic name for dollars--currency from current time.
  19. An honest currency is one which rewards honest problem-solvers with the time that they currently create or save when they solve a time-wasting problem.
  20. When business privileges and tax-benefits give someone something for nothing, then other people have had their time cheapened and stolen. Increasingly, the tenured economists have legitimized the habitual politicians legalizing unearned wealth.
  21. The victims of dying currencies suffer from fewer dollars that are worth less and less in an inflationary world.
  22. Why is illegal for a bank robber to steal hundreds while it is leagal CEO to steal millions? Habitual politicians and tenured economists. These are the people holding the bloody knifes and smoking guns as they stand over the dying dollar.
  23. Wealthfare: The aggregation of wealth transfer by the habitual politcians constitutes giving the symbols of problem-solving to a fewer few. The symbols are taken from the many who are the problem-solvers of substance. This is wealthfare. One example of wealthfare is the 401ks which transferred money from retirement funds into the pockets of executives, directors and politicians.
  24. Your dollars are dying as problem-solving tools because America is owned by fewer and fewer people. How many dollars can you have and what can they be worth if the politicians and economists have orchestrated a massive symphony of wealthfare?
  25. How healthy are your dollars if you are chasing dollars that are dying? The key to a good living currency is to keep it current in its problem-solving time value.
  26. The most honest currency would be one that keeps the value of human time constant and current. The best way to keep a currency honest is to have honest democracy that stops the private theft by dishonest politicians through public law-making.
  27. As noted in the segments on the lifehour, the key is a universal timeclock and payroll system which quantifies and qualifies the value of your time.
  28. What does one have when a currency is kept current in value of people using their heads (capita) to solve problems? Capitalism per capita, that is, the symbol of one's time matches the substance of one's time-saving problem-solving.
  29. Touch-Tone manager is such a system that was created a few years ago for this purpose.
  30. You can help bring about an honest currency by investing time into building better democracy and capitalism through timism through which you will receive lifehours.
  31. If you want your time of your life and the hours of your life to be worth more, be optimistic and opt for timism and lifehours.
  32. The dollar is a symbol of our time. It is dying as a currency because the habitual politicians and tenured economists have allowed the dollar to be owned more and more by people who don't solve problems except for the problem of habitual politicians seeking re-elections.
  33. It is not just the dollar but all currencies are dead.

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