Today we know with certainty that segregation is dead.
The only question remaining is how costly will be the funeral.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monetarism: Kill It Before It Kills US

Either we bury monetarism or its stinking corpse will bury us.

Modern, Global Treaty of Versailles

After the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles was immediately assailed by precient minds who said it would force Germany into starting another world war. What prompted this prediction? The reparation payments in which Germany was required to pay a percentage of its Gross Domestic Product to the victors. The problem, clearly foreseen by a few, was that Germany needed to have a robust, growing economy if the reparation payments were not to act as economic bloodsuckers draining Germany of funds needed to maintain the economy.

In the end, the Weimar Republic turned to the money presses to stimulate the economy drained by reparation payments. The resulting inflation fueled the anger and hate that empowered the radical extremes of Hitler--see history lesson for today's habitual politicians. After the second World War, another history lesson was taught based on the lesson of Versailles Treaty,  that was, the Marshall Plan which invigorated Western Europe.

On the other side of the Iron Curtain, the Soviets implemented their own mini-Versailles treaty upon the economies of the Eastern Block. The Soviets stripped the countries of tools and resources which metastasized chronically underperforming countries relative to Western Europe. As the Versailles Treaty contained the seeds of self-demised so was the collapse of Soviet hegemony inevitable. Likewise with monetarism which exacts reparation payments on every economy.

Money making money requiring new forms of money

Monetarism  is a faulty economic theory that prosperity can be fostered by playing with the money supply rather than working with the money supply. This distinction echos the two parts to the cost of humanity, that is, the cost of living and the cost of lying with the former being the cost of necessities to live and the latter being cost of our lies behind wants, waste and play. Compounding the problem is how the paper players, dealers or coupiers have bought corrupt, incompetent politicians to give the paperists control of money and control of their rewards. As they have shown, they will take an ever larger reparation payment of their private monopoly on controlling money availability.

Monetarism believes money makes money while the latter knows money is a by-product of working to solve problems. As such, monetarists keep coming up with new abstract symbols of wealth as new forms of money. Alan Greedspan, the great guru of monetarism, repeatedly said the financial community could handle crisis by developing new financial tools. In effect, the new tools were new forms of money which became a house of cards metastasizing the financial dynasaurs that were too big to fail, e.g., AIG, investment banks, Freddie Mac, etc. These abstractions are removed from the real wealth as shown in the multi-level bundling of mortgages with the result of no one knowing who really owned the real estate property. Wall Street is not about creating wealth but is about the transfer of wealth through paper playing.

Quality of Money

Monetarism does not care about the quality of money, that is, how the money is spent. These money players think stimulating games, gambling and speculation creates wealth. The more habitual sports, lottery tickets and financial gymnastic the less wealth is created as the quantity and quality of time is diverted from work into non-work. Simple questions:

  1. Can you pay your bills with love?
  2. Can a nation's play solve its ignored problems?
  3. Can a nation gamble its way to prosperity?

The global financial collapse of 2008 with governments unable to end the crisis with the tools of monetarism (interest rates and money printing) shows that monetarism is flawed. A basic problem with monetarism is that money can make money. This is an illusion possible when an economy is growing. In truth, the survival of monetarism depends on economic policies that foster problem-solving rather than problem-metastasis. The Achilles heel of monetarism was laid bare in the collapse Long-Term Capital Management when its computer model could not handle negative growth--Russia defaulting on its bonds.


The evils of monetarism have been recognized for thousands of years under its Biblical and Koranic name, usury. From a religious and economic perspective, usury and monetarism are time cancers when timistically analyzed by the morality of more time. What are all the global bailouts by different governments but making sure that interest payments are made to the loan sharks who are willing to destroy life on earth to greedily take more than they deserve.

If money is used to reward and encourage ursury, play, speculation then an economy will fail with the rate of failure reflecting whether policymakers reverse the play and speculate use of money. Failure fosters rising inflation and economic collapse because the money is not used for good, quality and needed human business. The cost of humanity of is the cost of needed products and the cost of unneeded goods and services. The latter is the economy of wants, waste and lies. If money-managers stimulate the latter the former will collapse leading to economic, social and political chaos. The necrotic money-managers have chosen to lower the quality of money and, thereby, the quality of human life. That is what the various government bailouts of banks and speculators has and is achieving. Poor qualitative use of the money supply for counter-productive economics leads to a poor quality of money, that is, money worth less and less in buying the necessities of life.

Quantity versus Quality of Money

Monetarism can guarantee the quantity of money but not the quality of money, that is, the amount of goods and services that you can buy with your money. Guaranteeing bank accounts is an inflationary policy that cheapens the quality of money as workers are given a false sense of security leading to complacency. Prepare for globalization of the Weimar Republic hyperinflation as all the global rescue plans increase the amount of money chasing fewer goods and services. We will soon all be billionaires with bread costing a trillion ... if you can find it.

As there is an optimal workweek length to maximize economic stability and vitality--the calculus of timistic morality of more time--so is there an optimal interest rate on debt to maximize economic stablity and vitality. One is optimizing the use of the substance of time--worktime. The other optimizes the use of the symbols of time--currency, that is, what is your time currently worth--to maximize the productvity and profits of an economic body.

  1. If no one works, the workweek is too short. If a million people work two jobs while another million are unemployed then the workweek is too long. The former are playing criminal roulette as some of the latter will turn to crime to survive. While some crime involves the jobless as victims, most criminals go where the money is which in the pocket of the jobhogs.
  2. If interest rates are 100% then the borrower will have less money to stimulate his economy. As has been showned by the higher payments on Wall Street, financial giants don't spend money on Main Street but on M&M's, that is, mansions and mistresses. You cannot build a lasting, stable, viable economy with prostitution. It is like legal gambling: A nation cannot gamble its way to prosperity. Which economy will thrive better? One in which the cost of money management is 10% or 1%? The cost of money is determined directly by the politicians and ultimately by the populace. The global financial crisis shows that the politicians have failed because the populace are increasingly rejecting each new variation of monetarism as the answer to the inherent, suicidal nature of monetarism.

    The cost of a money system to an economy can be a cancer as being shown in the 2008 economic collapse. (It's not a crisis. It's a collapse.) The Manheaven Project offers the framework to cut the direct and indirect cost of a money system to lubricate the veins and machinery of our economic body. The direct costs can be cut by 95%. The indirect costs are akin to how the failure to provide preventative healthcare leads to the death of the patient.

    A principle of the Manheaven Project is the how cost of humanity has two parts, that is, the cost of living and the cost of lies. The latter is composed of the economic activity based on wants and waste from people lying to themselves. If the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth is to be achieved, we must eliminate waste for all waste accelerates global dying. We need a more efficient, less expensive money system as well as the same prescription for systems of taxes and insurance. Within the Manheaven Project are the tools of timism to achieve these goals.

Monetarism Is Dead: Long Live The Lifehour

The economic collapse of 2008 has prompted many to say that Capitalism is dead. That is not true because what was practiced on Wall Street was not capitalism but decapitalism. We did not have capital formation but capital deformation. Like false pride, we are having false capital defamation in claiming capitalism is dead because capitalism was not the perpetrator on trial and executed.

Truth be known, decapitalism killed capitalism in the late 1800's as stocks and currency--the symbols of capitalism--were divorced from the substance of wealth which is solving the problems of life's necessitities. This symbols/substance divorce was formalized in 1913 with the authorization of the US Federal Reserve System which was empowered to print money out of thin air without regard to the qualitative impact on the economy. Monetarily, monetarists are bigamists who are suddenly being taken to court for their economic philandering. Like all litigation, this onslaught of formal divorce proceeding is taking both parties away from the needed work to save life on earth, the primary moral imperative.

Part and parcel to decapitalism is the economic theory of monetarism. In effect, monetarism proclaims that one can prompt prosperity by manipulating the availability of the money supply. This is true only within certain economic conditions which is proving true in the 2008 crisis as the central banks and government find that manipulating the money supply is not solving the problem. It is like the doctor who is pumping units of blood into a patient that has a ruptured aorta.

The blood comparison is a good analogy for understanding the origin and rationale of monetarism. Money is the blood of an economy. If there is not enough blood, the economic body is anemic. If there is bad or thin money, the economic body is sick.

Ideally, an economic blood like the human body has an optimal amount of quality blood. This was the goal when the Federal Reserve System was legislated in 1913. Then, the US economy was suffering from not enough gold and silver being mined to match the economic growth from industrialization. Federal Reserve Notes were printed to parallel the growth of the economy so as not to hinder the economy by insufficient economic blood.

Timistically, the economic collapse of 2008 in all its guises is based on the illogical and unsustainable theft from the basic greed of monetarism, that is, money making money. Among the guises are:

  1. Your house will be worth more without you putting any time into making it a better house.
  2. You wealth will increase by buying more of this paper that is collaterized

Money making money is, in essence, wanting something for nothing. Because money is time and time is money, it violates simple mathematics: Does time make time?

  1. No, you can claim eternal life from what you do with your time on earth but the truth is that the only time you have is the time of your one life. You can find false comfort in being an illogical alien but no one has ever come back from your eternal time comfort zone. By putting your time into falsehopes, you are taking time from solving the problems of the here and now. You are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. You are a cancer on the face of the earth, a mean person living beyond your means.
  2. No, you can claim money makes money but that is not always true. If money facilitates economic growth then there is more time in goods and services from which the money-changers can take a fee. If the money-managers funnel money into counter-productive activities, then there is no creation of time from which to take a fee. If money mismanagement occurs and the monetheists keep taking larger and large fees, then a cancer is killing economic body.

The latter describes the state of monetarism at the beginning of the 21st Century. The moneytheists not only mismanaged the productivity of the money system, e.g., subprime mortgages, grouped mortgages and credit debt swaps, but they kept increasing the "fees" they took from the money system to maintain their cancerous money-management. The original private theft by monetarism from the actual wealth creators has been replaced by public theft, the public bailouts. Increasing amounts of inflationary warfarin is being injected into the economic body which is going to kill the patient as money cheapening bleeds out.

Money managers of an economic body can either be symbiotic lampreys on sharks or leeches on you. There is nothing wrong with an individual or institution that manages money to increase productivity per capita and to lower the cost of living. (The latter is half of the cost of humanity with other have being the cost of wants, waste and lies.) A productive, capitalistic and economic money manager is like the lamprey on a shark which keeps the shark healthly by sucking off scum that could sicken the shark. A counter-productive, decapitalistic and necronomic money manager is like a leech who sucks blood without providing any healthy benefit in return. A healthy body can tolerate leeches in the same way that healthy adults can survive microbe attacks that would kill a young, old or sick person. When sicken, the impact of the leeches worsens the illness whether biological or economic.

Monetarily as blood suckers, Wall Street has gone from being a leech to a vampire to our economy. Unfortunately, the indivdiuals and institutions that genericly modified the dynamic necrotic assets are same people who have come up with these hyper-inflationary "throw money at the problems" with their present friends and former/future employers receiving the bailout money. As such, Hank Poison and Ben Barenaked are not leeches nor are they doctors applying leeches. Rather, they are economic phlebotomists who are cutting open the veins of our economic body, bleeding us to death.

Wall Street, University of Chicago, Yale and Harvard monetarism has killed our economic bodies. The economic actions of Hank Poison and Ben Barenaked are pumping ever larger amounts of inflationary poison into the economy. They are economic doctors who are treating an anemic patient with warfarin, a blood thinner that originated to kill rats by having them bleed to death. Immorally, the people who originated the economic mess are being kept in business by the injection of inflationary monies to maintain liquidity. Liquidity is the gasoline fueling inflationary fires. By keeping the moneytheists in business, Bank Poison and Ben Barenaked are funding the transfer of ownership from current owners to the recipients of these inflationary funds. The buyer of Budweiser beer could not have done it without the moneytheists keeping up the liquidity. Bear Sterns was bought pennies on the dollar. Banks, companies and houses are being bought by the recipients of the infused funds.

Anyone who takes comfort in Bank Poison and Goin Benaked raising the insurance coverage of bank deposits ignore the simple consideration that the government can guarantee the number of funny numbers on funny paper but cannot guarantee the value of the funny paper. Remember two things about economists:

  1. They know the numbers of everything but the value of nothing.
  2. Adled minds are workshop of economists.

Bank Poison and Goin Benaked are metastasizing inflationary fires by ignoring the basic definition of inflation: More money chasing fewer goods and services.

  1. They are giving the money not to workers in the economy of necessities but in the economy of wants, waste and lies.
  2. They are giving people a false sense of security with increased FDIC coverage: Would you rather have an economy in which $100,000 that would buy a house or one in which $250,000 won't buy overnight in a flophouse?
  3. The hyperinflation and economic collapse of the Weimar Republic and Zimbawa will be eclipsed by the actions of Bank Poison and Goin Benaked because these two monetarists can and have instantaneously metastasized trillions of inflationary dollars with the help of electronic technology. Zimbawa has to print the money. The Weimar Reichsbank had to rent planes to deliver money to the banks. Hank and Goin do it with a click of the keyboard.

Compounding the cheapening of our economic blood by the adled minds of economists is Global Dying which is increasing the cost of living as the food chain collapses. It is ironic that this presentation of monetarism is very gloomy. But it is a tempest in a teapot compared to global dying. As noted the time conclusions of global dying, in a few years people will wish that the economic collapse of today were the state of world in 2012. We will all envy the unenviable state of the average American slave in 1859 because that poor soul had more freedom from live's problem than we will have as the existential meltdown accelerates.

Only by replacing monetarism with the honest, functionality of economic exchanged based on the proposed lifehour system of the Manheaven project can we hope to save not only our economic bodies but save life on earth--the primary moral imperative! Monetarism is dead. If you want to live, support the Manheaven Project. Long live the lifehour.

People praying are like people seeking wealth from playing the lottery with the latter having a greater efficacy than prayer. As a nation cannot gamble its way to prosperity nor can it pray its way to prosperity.


  1. The government bailouts for the people who greedily caused the problem is nothing more than a version or vermin of the Versailles Treaty that imposed reparation payments on the German people but not on the makers of war. The latter eventually re-armed Germany after Hitler walked away from paying the reparation. It was the reparations, a tax on all German transactions by the victors, that drove Germany into economic depression and political radicalism. It is Hank Poison's and Ben Barenaked's de facto Versailles reparation subsidies for the makers of waste that will waste our economies and waste our lives as financial globalization will lead to a global holocaust. If John Maynard Keynes was alive today, he might write an update: The Economic Consequences of Bailouts.
  2. Monetarism is killing all economies. Need lifehour currency, credit and loan system.
  3. As the Manheaven Project is inevitable so is the demise of monetarism a matter of time. It is a self-consuming cancer that is destroying the economic bodies on which it depends. More money thrown at financial problems under the promise of liquidity for the credit markets is a dioxin treatment for cancer or gasoline for extinguishing the fires of inflation.
  4. 081113 Paulson announce shifting bailout to financial institutions. This is like the Klu Klux Klan taking over the American blood banks and announcing only whites will receive blood transfusions. Money is the blood of an economy. Where you put the quantity of money determines the quality of the money, inflationary suffering or productive deflation. Note that deflation from reduced demand is reductive deflation , a form of inflationary suffering.
  5. 081114 This writer has never like the term "blood-suckers" in the context of class warfare. Yet, no better term comes to bind for the Hank Poison  and Ben Barenaked as they organize the transfer of funds and ownship to a fewer few.
  6. 081120 New Bullshit: "Transparency", buzzword among TV talkheads.
  7. 081121 New Bullshit: "Deflation encourages people to not buy today because prices will be lower tomorrow," is the unified soundbyte heard from economic experts on national news. In an era of rising unemployment and rising fear of unemployment, people are not waiting to buy a minkcoat or a Mercedes because the price will be lower tomorrow. There are two kinds of deflation , productive and reductive, which economists don't know let alone understand.
  8. 081121 America is a braindead patient whose remaining viable organs need to be transferred to a new economic system or else.
  9. 081126 Dollar is Dead: Original ... Slideshow .
  10. 081126 Monetarism is just another name for the practice banned in the Bible and Koran: Usury.
  11. 081130 The economic problem for Obama is the same as it was for Bush: Monetarism. Without implementing an alternative then Obama is merely trying to steal money for the little fellas while Bush stole for the Rockefellas. Change is also Obama will have in his pockets have he runs out of bailout dollars. Obama's team will not succeed for the following reasons:
  12. You can have the brightest person who will fail if the problem is misdiagnosed, that is, GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out--see 4-Steps of Problem-Solving.
  13. As a nation cannot gamble or play its way to prosperity nor can Obama work America to prosperity with a team of competitors who universally are monetarists. Given that Wall Street is about speculation and gambling on stocks, Obama would have a better economic team if he recruited the best blackjack dealer from each Las Vegas Casino.
  14. 091019 Monetarism: forcing states to sell assets.
  15. 110122 States considering canceling pensions
  16. 110122 Investment banks are really "divestment" banks, for they divest the working middle-class of their earnings, savings and pensions.
  17. 120217 The Euro: Congestive Heart Failure

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