Earning Lifehour Tax Credits

There are many ways to earn lifehour tax credits as part of improving public problem-solving. Remember, your accumulated lifehours will be prorated as tax credits over 20 years, or sooner, if used for past or future college costs. By solving our costly chronic unsolved problems with better democracy and capitalism, we will come out a head in the long run. The long-term tax cost will be far less than the tax cost of letting these unsolved problems run rampant, e.g., political corruption. A historical precedent, if the South had accepted Abraham Lincoln's proprosition of compensated emancipated, the end of slavery would have cost less than the Civil War.

  1. Recruiting supporters: Bonus begins at 5 lifehours and decreases to 0 when membership reaches 5 million.
  2. Brainbee Winner: On-Line Democracy Participant.
  3. Volunteer work at traditional charities.
  4. Reading about better democracy and capitalism.
  5. Viewing Youtube videos.
  6. Speeches to promote better democracy and capitalism.
  7. Posting Poster: Office, home, neighborhood.
  8. Run for office.
  9. Submit Legislation at Federal, State or local level.

Also see Earned Lifehours


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