Lifehours: The Abraham Lincoln Precedence
of Compensated Emancipation

Both before and during the Civil War, Lincoln proposed freeing the slaves through compensated emancipation. If the slave-owners would free their slaves, Lincoln proposed that the Federal government reimburse the slaveholders over a 20 to 40 year period. At the height of the Civil War, to preserve the Union first and end slavery second, Lincoln noted to his critics that the cost of compensated emancipation was not be much more than a few days of war with far fewer deaths. For freeing the slaves in Delaware, the cost would cost only one-half of a day of the war's cost.

In essence, Lincoln was willing to commit future tax revenues to solving a problem today. Democratic Capitalism, through lifehour tax credits, is trying to do the same thing. Due to the employment and tax policies of the habitual politicians, the average American--the best of humanity--is slaving away to keep his head above water.

As the slaveholders stole the slaves' sweat of their brow and the fruit of their labor, so do the habitual politicians and their minions steal the same from good persons striving to do the right thing.

  1. How do they steal? Most directly through taxes. Every hour worked to pay unnecessary taxes is an hour of enslavement to the corruption of habitual politicians.
  2. How do they steal our time? Through legislating inflated pricing for their friends goods and services. Every legalized overpricing forces people to work longer to buy something that would cost less in time--the real currency of your life--if it were not for habitual politicians buying re-elections with special favors to their special interests. Thanks to the habitual politicians, we have longer, stressful workweeks and delayed, questionable retirements. They and theirs don't worry about retirement.
  3. How do they steal our time and our sweat? Through the habitual problems that they cannot and will not solve. Why won't they solve these daily problems? Because their bi-annual and quadrennial re-election problems are more important. Every hour repeatedly wasted to a chronic, politically tolerated problem is an hour of slavery.

In 1863, full-time slavery was declared illegal. Now is the time to begin the elimination of enslavement of, by and for  the habitual politicians.

Lifehours are future tax commitments to those who have faith in and sweat for Better Democracy and Capitalism. Lifehour tax credits are compensated emancipation from the habitual politicians.

In solidarity with the core of Abraham Lincoln, no man has the right to own another, in part or whole. Through their tax system, the habitual politicians have come to own more and more of our existence: Tax Freedom Day has come later each year with occasional exceptions. We have gone from working a few hours a week to pay taxes to more than 16 hours. Half is for political corruption and campaign welfare. If you don't measure your cost of living in time then you will be wasting your life: Timism.

Where are the tax surpluses going? To the friends of the habitual politicians as pork projects. To their offspring education, family safety and personal retirement. Not yours. You are slaving away for the habitual politicians and their friends. Not yourself. How do you tell if you are overtaxed? Answer the question: Are you worried about retirement?

Democratic Capitalism is the Emanicipation Proclamation of all Humanity for the the New Millennium.Our freedom will come from the core that makes America "best hope for humanity," democracy, the ultimate form of human productivity. In unity with the time created when a problem is solved, supporters of better democracy and capitalism will receive lifehour tax credits.

A warning to the modern day slaveholders.



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