Habitual politicians offer nebulous tax relief in campaign promises. Timism offer quantified, tentative tax benefits based on one promoting better democracy and capitalism.

Summary Of Lifehours Properties

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Timism accounting involves basically two types of lifehours. One is a warrant and one is a credit. Both are based on the average lifehour value of work in an economic unit or district. Valuing a currency on worktime is not without precedence a fact captured in the original of the term, that is, "I'll pay you what your time is currently worth" or "What are you currently do." Neither type of lifehours is a corporate stock inasmuch as Timism is designed ultimately to be a public trust serving the public.

  1. Warrants are issued for monetary investment , service-in-kind, or bonuses. They are like IOU's. All fall into the catergory of old or new lenders as angels. One lifehour is warranted for each dollar lent to Timism during the campaign to raise $1 million for start-up administrative costs. Based on cash reserves in excess of three-month operating costs, funds will be used to purchase lifehour warrants via two path ways.
    1. Full-Buyback: Half of the excess funds will be used purchase lifehour warrants at full average wage-hour value in a chronological submission order--oldest submitting angel paid first.
    2. Dutch Auction: The other half of the excess funds will be used buy outstanding lifehour warrants via a Dutch Auction, that is, the lowest priced warrants will be redeemed until the excess funds are depleted. (No price can be higher than the average hourly wage.)
    3. Old Listing
  2. Credits are earned by participating in Timism services. Holders of lifehour credits will be able to redeem them in trading them for timism services, e.g., healthcare, as well as paying taxes in the future. Lifehour credits are of two types: Pre- and Post-Manheaven Project which is inevitable .
    1. Brainbees: Winners of brainbees earn lifehour credits based on the brainbee level--1,2,3,4, etc--with bonuses being paid for certain final results, e.g., citizen legislation enacted into law or primary winners.
    2. Community service is rewarded with lifehour credits--see Record Lifehours at Super Brainbee.
    3. Expanding Supporters of Timism
      1. Signup Self : Earn five lifehour credits for signing up as a supporter of Timism. Signup fee after startup is an hour of one's wages.
      2. Sponsorship of new supporters of timism yields a finder's fee of five lifehour credits for each sponsored signup with bonuses at 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500. In addition, the individual who recruits the most in a district (minimum of 25) for his age group receives a Super-GOOHF.
      3. Bulk lifehour credits : Some institutions can signup up individuals associated with their organization thereby earning one lifehour credit for each individuals.
        1. Newspapers, secular
        2. Public Schools (Elementary, High School Colleges): Students, staff and parents
        3. Non-Profits: Environmental (no religion, no NGO's, no pro-litter): Employees and supporters
    4. Newspapers: Brainbee Rights
    5. Dollar Democracy: Voting for reforms by paying a dollar.
      1. Boycotts
      2. Bumper Stickers
      3. Mascots
      4. Poster: Office, home, neighborhood.
    6. Loans : Friends ...
      1. TV Ads funding:
    7. Trading Lifehour Credits

For more information, see Index of entries on Lifehours

Suggestions for quick lifehour accumulation (also see Earning Lifehours):

  1. If you are unemployed and not investing 40 hours per week into accumulating lifehours, you are lazy and ignorant which is why you are probably unemployed.
  2. If you own a business, .., do the math. If one receives five lifehours for each recruit that is a about $125 in the new monetary system bank. Given that the lifehour is based on the average hourly wage then a businessman who sponsors and pays his employees' signup fee receives a 5 to 1 return on investing in timism as well as all the other benefits,You may be eligible for a GOOHF if you recruit enuf.

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