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Terra Firma Startup Commissions

In order to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, new, more efficient economic and political structures are needed. Fossil Politics is not only inadequate for the task at hand but can be faulted as the cause for many of the different processes causing the cancer of global death from greenhouse gases. Will the House of Saud stop oil production? Will Russia stop oil production? Like every inflationary bubble in history from tulips to internet to housing, the beneficials of the bubble are one who pay the most in the end. Unfortunately with the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century (petrophilia) those with the power from the inflationary bubble will try to buy their survival. It will not work. The question is not whether the House of Saud or the House of Romanovs crashes but the nature of execution at Ektarinberg.

If life on earth is to be saved, a Manheaven Project is needed that is patterned after the Manhattan Project which designed and built the atom bomb. The proposed Manheaven Project to minimize the worsening hell on earth in hopes of reversing global dying involves new, systemized and efficient politics and economics based on better democracy and better capitalism. These twin problem-solving concepts to save time (life) on earth not only have been diagnosed within Timism but internet tools have been developed to implement the twins, lifehours and brainbees.

  1. Brainbees are like spelling bees with the participants being organized into virtual classrooms to select an issue or individual to represent. Brainbees will be used to elect individuals and select issues. They will be used to allow people to democratically prioritize duty-to-die. On a sinking ship, the officers responsible for the sinking should not be allowed to determine who gets into the lifeboats in the same way that arsonists should not be allowed to decide who gets new housing after the fire.
  2. Lifehours quantify one's contribution to solving problems in the real currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries, that is, the time created when a problem is solved. Lifehour accounts will be used to determine cutoff points for food, medicine and duty-to-die within the Manheaven Project. The necessities of life will be removed from purchase by dysfunctional currencies which are the blood of the economics of wants, waste and lies, aka, necronomics . Complementing and multiplying one's lifehour account are GOOHF (Get out of hell free) earnings that come primarily from winning brainbees.

The initial, primary and necessary brainbee will be the Terra Firma Commission. The duty of the commission will be to establish the boundaries of seven global economic and politicial structures with a internet-based lifehour currency. The brainbee for this commission is at the bottom of the page. The following applies to the commission:

  1. Composition of Commission: As options in the below brainbee, one can apply from one of the following categories,

    1. Africa
    2. Americas, Central and South (includes Caribean)
    3. Asia (Non-China Asia)
    4. China
    5. Europe (Non-Russia Europe, north of water boundary of Mare Nostra and Mare Noire,.)
    6. India
    7. Mid-East ()
    8. Russia
    9. United States
  2. Fossil national units will cease to exist.

    1. Major current political units will be divided among two or more Terra Firmas:

      1. United States: Europa, Pacific, Neuvo

      2. China: Asia, Centros, Pacific, Tundra

      3. Russia: Europo, Pacific and Tundra

      4. India:  Everest, Pacific, Tundra

    2. Lesser units will be absorbed as a lower level of the Manheaven Project, e.g., nominals, regions, subregions, districts, etc.

    3. When the 49 Nominas (equivalent to nations, seven per terra firma) are formed, the major current political units will be divided between a minimum of two nominas if not more.

    4. Fossil brainbees for peaceful dissolution of existing political boundaries have been provided.

  3. Tentative Terra Firmas (about 1 billion people per unit) Table (names are tentative with brainbees to be used later for new names.) The starting point of creating the Terra Firmas or constructing a new global "ecopol" jigsaw puzzle is building out from the primary pieces, the dismember of the major current political units: US, RU,CN and IN. (Note: As a USA citizen, it saddens me to see the end of the USA which could have been avoided in 2000. However, the systemic cancerous acts of the Geo. Talker Bush and the Republicans have destroyed any claim to global leadership that might have left the US intact. As US has no credibility to lead humanity so has Putin's Russia, Commo/Capito China and AnythingGoes India lost any claim to global leadership.)

    1. Asia: Eastern China southward
    2. Centro: Northern India, Western China, Southern Russia
    3. Europa: Eastern United States, Europe, Eastern Russia
    4. Genesa: Africa and Mid-East
    5. Neuvo: South America, Central America, Carribean, Southern United States (a line from Los Angeles to Savannah, Georgia)
    6. Pacific: Eastern Russia and China, Koreas, Japan, Alaska, Western Canada and Western United States.
    7. Urals: Mid-East and Central Russia and Western India
  4. Commissioners Members:

    1. Support and affirm Manheaven Membership Requirements: moral imperative, duty to die , willing to die, euthanize, no hidden members

    2. High School teachers in political science, economics, geography ... public schools, no Plessy vs. Ferguson ... No Illogical Aliens

    3. Compensation

      1. Will receive eleven global lifehours for each hour of participation.

      2. They will receive lifehour credits for nominal expenses to travel to conference.

      3. Room and board will be provided by local supporters of the Manheaven Project.

      4. Two super-GOOHFs will be awarded

    4. Exclusions: It is important that the terra firms and subdemes be established without irrelevant factors to the survival of life on earth:

      1. No United Nations Involvement, present or past: Given the politics of this successor to the failed League of Nations, this failed global policy-making process is to blame for global dying more than any other body, e.g., in a world dying from over-population, it keeps trying to keep alive more and more jobless hungry masses.
      2. Lifestyle Limits:
        1. No current or past habitual politicians or staff members. Habitual politicians are precluded from elected roles in
          1. If one provides a drunk with a new car, he will wreck it like the old.
          2. If one provides a better public problem-solving vehicle, those who wrecked the existing one will wreck the new one.
          3. If one's house is on fire, one is a fool to ask that the fire be put out by the arsonists who started the fire.
          4. Habitual politicians are ... work for or draw pensions.
        2. No religious representatives:
          1. Only Atheists and Agnostics are bias-free in saving life on earth
        3. No illogical aliens:
          1. CO2 is or is not a man-made problem.
          2. Each religion will object to another religion drawing the boundaries--look that millenia-old dispute between control of a small building in Bethleham ... look at the dispute between Jews and Arabs (both descendents of Abraham) fighting over patches of lands based on God-commanding them own the land ... look at American preachers invoking God's help in US Civil War over state boundaries.
          3. Better no
          4. Brainbee
        4. No Nobel laureates.
  5. When majority has 343 then brainbee ... top seven in each category ... top person is spokesperson group.

When the terra firmas are established, the members will then establish 7 Nominas which would correspond to the fossil national level.

  1. Once the Nominas are established, brainbees will be held in Nomina to establish Regions, Subregions and Districts.
  2. Once Districts are established, brainbees will be held in each district to establish subdemes: High, elementary, wards, areas and blocks. Members of the district definers will receive the same compensation as the terra firmer definers including Super-GOOHF's.

Incomplete form: Draw up the boundaries: terra, nominas, regions, statas, districts

  1. Boundary Commission ... needed readings ... high school and classes.
  2. Currency Processing Commission ... needed commissions

Outline of Terras and Nominas(nations)

Terra Firma Commission: 49/seven/seven: College professors in polisci, geography. ... Super Goohf

  1. South America ... Africa ... US ... China ... Russia ... Europe ... india ... ?

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