When politicians make good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Fossil Politics:

Evolutionary Step to Creative Solutions

The Initial Step to fulfilling the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth
is elementary politeness.

Fossil politics describes the various forms of public policy-making that exist around the world. Timism concludes that optimal democracy is the best way for people to solve their common problems. Optimal democracy adjusts two variables in order to optimize problem solving, size of voting demes and frequency of voting. Demes describes the size of the voting unit, that is, the number of people voting.

  1. If voting demes are too small, e.g., one person, then one has anarchy. If voting demes are too large, then one has despotism, e.g., dictators, monarchs, nepotism, or habitual politicians.
  2. If voting frequency is too often, every second of the day, then one has anarchy. If voting frequency approaches infinity, e.g., monarchies, dictatorships or dynasties, then one has despotism.

One needs to keep in mind that the original meaning of democracy from ancient Greece is not people rule but divisioning of people to work. One need only look at similar words to see how demos refers to divisioning, e.g., demographics or demolish. The original impetus to voting (via sheep collarbones) was to ensure that one's work was not taken by others. This is another way of saying that democracy and capitalism are problem-solving twins. The quality of the former determines the quality of the latter. If a country has despotism of a ruling few then one will have capitalism for a fewer few.

As any African-American who economically suffered under the freedom umbrellas of the Emancipation Problamation and the 13th Amendment can tell you, voting does not necessarily guarantee the more basic need of living, work. Democracy is about work first and foremost to solve the problems of surviving. That was the impetus that shaped the development of democracy in Greece.

As a transition to establishing optimal global democracy to reverse global dying--the Manheaven Project with its whole plan-- brainbees for the fossil politics are provided for peaceful organization and reward of people who recognize the need for a global policy-making process to save life on earth--the primary moral imperative.

Fossil Brainbee Characteristics--see Elementary Brainbee.

  1. Nomination is self-initiated with the main qualification being support the the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, the Manheaven Project and the whole plan. A proper political name parallel to Democrats or Republicans would be More Time or Timism candidates.
  2. Brainbee voting is initiated at multiples of seven, e.g., 7,49,343, etc.
  3. All posititions have a male/female component--see Women 50/50.
  4. A steering committee or editorial board consists of the last seven people prioritized through the brainbee process.
  5. On-line tools are provided from communication, e.g., questions and requests.
  6. Lifehours are awarded to winners of brainbees that are used in calculating one's duty to die. Top winners receive GOOHF's or Super GOOHFs.
  7. In any Fossil election, a current or past member of the steering committee will be the More Time candidate using FTP democracy.
  8. Central to the transition from fossil politics to lifesaving democracy is elementary politeness based on elementary schools with re-timing of human activity.

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