Gardens--Disaster Reduction

One of the self-survival tools that most people have is a garden. Gardens were an important part of the World War II victory which produced 40% of the food consumed domestically. Appropriately, they were called Victory Gardens.

In order to assist in the development of personal, neighborhood and community gardens, an entry on the generic problem-solving brainbee will help people to self-organize. The hard part of tilling will be done by a communal service akin to public trash pickup. When applicable, one will be able to upload a request for tilling by mail route and total square feet. A fee to cover cost will be charged which can be paid from one's lifehour account. Other services will be soil testing, seedling, watering and emailed reminders. Local debris will be ground up for mulch.

At a certain point, homeowners who do not grow gardens will be taxed for each square foot not devoted to gardens to save life on earth. People who spend money on lawn care instead of gardening will be assigned deathhours.

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