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Pensions are a debt from a public or private entity to an individual. Like all other forms of debt contracted during periods of financial expansions, inordinate exuberance or economic adleness, the reductio absurdum is no pensions in the end. This conclusion can be seen in the consensus that at sometime there will be no Social Security. In increasing numbers, many state and local governments are not able to meet their pension obligations. Businesses have reduced and eliminated pensions with the 401k  alternative (which is a mess based on people withdrawing funds to meet weekly and monthly financial obligations.) As with Social Security increasing the age at which one can start receiving a pension check, many public and private entities are advancing the pension age, e.g., teachers who cannot retire at 55 but maybe at 60.

Without changes in pension systems, there will be no pensions. The simple solution is to "Re-Time" the pensions. In many cases, pensions will become solvent as Controlled Depopulation reduces the pension population. Unfortunately, the elimination of many CO2 sinning activities will close down businesses that are providing pensions.

In order to have a viable system in which to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, pensions must be re-timed. Otherwise, like a saltwater solution, current pensioners will find themselves with unsustainable elevated retirement lifestyles with a sudden cessation of inflowing funds. Any pensioner who does not realize that they were lied to when promised a particular pension in excess of the economic means to provide that pension will protest re-timing. Like anyone who thinks more of their own well-being even if it destroys the larger system, belly-aching pensioners will earn a Mandatory Duty-To-Die .

Also see Bye Bye Pensions

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