Nepotism: Not Potent


Amusingly, nepotism is Latin for non-potent. Nepotic dynasties decline because relatives are rarely potent problem-solvers like the dynasty's founding potentate. Is Parasite Hilton a Conrad Hilton? Worse than a habitual politician is a son of a habitual politician. From the word "nepotism" comes the most frequent example of floundering impotentates, nephew. Sadly and historically, what is a problem common to a declining political dynasty? Citizens die nasty.

Nepotism is putting a person in a position of  responsibility above their ability to respond to the problems associated with that level of existence. This has also been described as the Peter Principle. one can see nepotism in far more situtations than just hiring one's relatives. Timistically, the essence of nepotism is to foster a cancer upon others, that is, to support an entity that consumes more time than it produces.

Nepotism exists when a person is put into a position of learning that is above their ability to learn, e.g., legacy matriculation at elite colleges. The de facto nature of private schools from kindergarten to finishing schools is nepotism. Public financing of the new version of "separate but equal"-- charter schools --is nepotism. A parent's financing of their child's college education is nepotism, especially when the kid would otherwise not be motivated enough to go to college.

The consequences of nepotism in all its guises are real. When one considers the nature of nepotism, that is, a person unable to solve problems for he has the position to respond, one can see another perspective on why the USA is in decline. Parentally and politically, unmotivated kids have been pushed into education settings for which they lack ability or willingness to learn to become better problem-solvers. As a result, we have not only a lot of high school and college dropouts, but worse, graduates with degrees that are worthless as problem-solvers.

How do Parenthetical parents foster the self-destruction of nepotism? The self-destruction is of both the parent and the child as multi-generational nepotism lowers the quality of the average problem-solver in public and private organizations. Nepotism contributes to the existential meltdown as the quality of problem-solvers in our existence goes down at a faster rate each generation, year, day and second.

  1. Legacy position in business, politics and education in which problems are not responded to efficiently.
  2. Irresponsible parents foster the play pathos instead of the work ethic.
  3. Financial support that castrates the child's problem-solving ablity: allowances, cars, tuition, mortgage, insurance, etc. (As an employer, who would you hire, a kid who worked during high school or received an allowance? Which is more likely a better problem-solver?)
  4. Kids receive allowances that give them temporary buying power that spoils them into thinking life owes them.
  5. Too many people are not ready to be parents, but from government programs to anti-abortionists, people are encourage to have babies that no one can afford financially or emotionally.
  6. Too many parents spare the rod and spoil their retirement and their child's future. (By spare the rod, this writer primarily means the wielding of the worse kind and most effective punishment, that is, saying and meaning, "No." Beyond a buttock spank that should end at the age of seven, corporeal punishment is worse than useless, a cancer in its own right.)

Each time a person gives another person something wanted versus needed  the first person is fostering a cancerous relation. The second person becomes dependent on another part of the system for more time than that second person creates.


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  1. Nepotism is the basis of multi-generational habitual politicians.

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