In times of worsening problems, the only thing worse than not voting
is voting for habitual politicians

Cancerous Habitual Problems:
Gift of Habitual Politicians

We are beset by many growing, unsolved problems. If you investigate these cancerous problems, more often than not, you can trace the lack of solutions back to our habitual politicians. Remember, politics is factoring unrelated issues into solving a problem. Problems don't get solved. They rapidly grow like a cancer, costing us time and money, debilitating the political body.

Nothing symbolizes politicians matching apples with oranges better than the riders on legislative bills in Congress. In effect, one politician tells another that I won't vote for your legislation unless you include my rider. Riders are pork barrel projects to help the habitual politician get reelected. The most recent example was the Tobacco Bill which died a death of a thousand riders. Taxpayers pay for the riders which don't solve any problems except the reelection problem of the incumbent who pins on the rider. All too often, in order for a politician to get his name on a problem-solving bill, he has to let many problem-causing , tax-eating pork projects ride along. Not bad math: Save a dollar, waste ten.

This congressional process is akin to thieves saying they won't let others steal unless all are allowed to steal. What is stolen? Your tax dollars. Your tax dollars are stolen for pork barrel projects and are stolen by unsolved problems. Congress is like a corrupt police department with every officer on the take. Habitual politicians have made Congress a cesspool into which no good thinker can enter without exiting a stinker.

We will not see solutions to any of the following problems: Social Security, Drugs, Environment, National Defense, Education, Energy, Health Insurance, Campaign Financing or Election Reform.  In each case, one can see major lobbying by big campaign donors who will have the habitual politicians doing what is right for their reelection, not what's right for America.

  1. Social Security: Over the years, the habitual politicians have forced new workers into social security (e.g.., postal workers.)  Have they included themselves? No. They have their own self-security retirement fund that is unbelievable. Would social security be in better shape if the habitual politicians' retirement depended on it? Yes. Do think the habitual politicians will give up their self-security for social security? Maybe they'll let us all join their self-security. Do think a retirement system is better in which brokers make a million dollars a year than social security workers earning average salaries? What should the money be invested into? Nintendo? Toys?
  2. Drugs: If the habitual politicians had a solution to the drug problem, we would have seen it a long time ago. Now, if you ask any honest law enforcement agent, you realize that a lot of drug money gets directed into reelection campaigns. Do you think the politicians who benefit from drug money are going to eliminate that source of campaign chest funds?
  3. National Defense: Do you think the Chinese would have launched as many rockets with U.S. technology if the Democrats had not received campaign contributions from companies that sell technology to China? The news reports have shown that the White House overrode national security policies to give rocket guiding technology to China. Why was national security compromised? To secure reelection dollars for Bill Clinton, an habitual politician ... and that's the best I say about him. (Interns comment).
  4. Election reform: In Virginia this year, half of the Congressmen have no opponents. Smells like the old Soviet Union where the party put up a candidate. Did the Democrats and Republicans broker a quid pro quo, that is, if you don't run against us and we won't run against you. This is another example of how the difference between the republicans and democrats is the same difference between a thieving robber and a robbing thief. In this case, they stole our right to a choice of vote. Will the habitual politicians change the election laws so that we can have a real choice in the voting booth? If you like the same old cancerous problems, you can expect them to continue to grow with the habitual politicians.
  5. Energy and the Environment: Some people, myself included, believe that we human beings are causing the climate changes that are causing billion dollar storms and fires. Is the true cost of gasoline the pump price? Or, is the pump price merely a down payment, with the rest of the gasoline cost coming as expensive environmental damage? The habitual politicians have been guzzling oil companies' PACs for decades, going all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt and Rockefeller's Standard Oil. What is the mark of a good politician once he is bought? He stays bought. If you like life and property destroying climate change, the habitual politicians will accommodate you, for the very word habitual implies no change.
  6. Race: Have race relations and progress declined in recent years? Yes. The habitual politicians know it, and they have a dirty little secret that they are not sharing with the voters. America cannot achieve its manifest destiny if a single American is held back from achieving his or her potential due to racial, religious or gender bias. Will race relations and progress improve with the same old captains of our ship of state? Or, will the enslavement to declining relations continue with our habitual politicians?
  7. Education: In 1998, the Governor of Virginia, an habitual politician, established a commission to look at improving education. Come on, folks--every education commission for the last half century has come up with the same conclusions which the habitual politicians choose to ignore. For habitual politicians, citizens' commissions are coverups for failure to solve problems. Conveniently, during campaigns, the politicians multi-media graffiti can cite the commissions. Describing a problem is not the same as solving it. No new faces, no new solutions.
  8. Taxes: Why do we have an idiotic tax jungle? Because politicians trade reelection campaign contributions for tax benefits. If you believe politicians want a simple tax system, I'll sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. Habitual politicians love tax-supported programs. The power to tax is the ultimate political power. Will habitual politicians give up the mother's milk of reelection? Will the tax idiots stop being igknowant?
  9. Lawsuits: Why is that you always have to hirer a lawyer when you have a problem? Because 90% of politicians are lawyers. Do you think lawyers, especially the 5000 part-time state legislators, are going to pass laws that reduce citizens need for them? We will not see an end to lawsuits and litigation until we can circumvent the strangle hold that lawyers have on solving our problems.
  10. Political Pork: NBC television has a regular segment called "The Fleecing of America," showing how tax dollars are wasted. Invariably, some politician has used his political IOUs to get a backhome tax-supported project to impress the voters or reward the campaign workers. The national debt is really a tribute to political pork. Instead of "The Fleecing of America," NBC should call it "The Oinking of America." Will habitual politicians stop feeding at the tax trough for their political pork? Without election reform and term limits, there is no end to political pork.
  11. Airlport Mess: F.A.A.
  12. Military Safety
  13. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Why does Republican-controlled U.S.Senate not want a nuclear test ban treaty? There's no campaign welfare in a test ban treaty which would also eliminate the billion-dollar tax trough of an anti-nuclear ballistic missile system. Why is America wanting to start an Arms race with China? Habitual politicians voting the greed of the money dictators rather than the need of the human race.

Habitual politicians keep running for re-election not only for the tax-supported benefits and personal power, but with each privilege that give away at tax-payer expenses, they are accruing browning points with the people who will hire them when they finally leave office. Term-limits will reduce, if not eliminate, habitual politicians and their trading public wealth for private gain.

We will not get rid of habitual problems without getting rid of habitual politicians.

Addition Thoughts:

  1. Listening to Congressional hearings on America's problems is like listening to pimps being asked how to stop exploitation of women.


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